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Launching App through Viveport client forces Steam VR to launch

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Hi there,


As the title says, when we launch our app through the Viveport client (from the library), it forces Steam VR to launch. Now our game has both the OpenVR and OculusSDK. When a user has an Oculus headset, we select the OculusSDK to run. But because Viveport ALSO launches Steam VR, the two conflict and we're having issues where resetting VR position becomes impossible.

I should also note, that while clicking on the app in the library launches Steam VR, if I navigate to where all my Viveport apps are downloaded in the file explorer, and I launch the app by double clicking on the executable directly, Steam VR DOES NOT launch automatically, and so our game runs normally.

How are games that support both OculusSDK and OpenVR suppose to handle launching from the Viveport Client App? How can we prevent Viveport from automatically launching Steam VR?

Thanks for your help!

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