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Beta Testers Fail to Download stats. Error Code 50001

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Hi there!

I've implemented the Stats and Achievements API, and with the App Owner account, everything seems to be testing fine:
- Viveport Initializes (via API.init())
- LicenseCheck is successful

- IsReady() call succeeds
- Stats downloading / uploading suceeds
- Setting achievements suceed

However, after adding another user to the beta tester list, having them play the build and viewing their log, I see that the API initializes fine, the license check succeeds, and the isReady call succeeds, but they fail to download stats. These are the error messages:
"Failed to download stats from"

"DownloadStatsHandler error: 50001"

Looking up that error code (https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/errorhandle.html#trouble-shooting-table), the docs suggest one of the following:

  1. Please use correct account name / password to login again.
  2. Please use correct VIVEPORT ID / VIVEPORT KEY for your content.

The user is logged into viveport just fine (the app is launched from the viveport desktop app with the beta tester logged in), and the ID and KEY are the same as those used when testing with the App Owner account.

Is there a step missing for downloading stats when using a beta tester account?

Thanks for your help!

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