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List of Supported GPUs

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Not neccessary, thanks Tony

@JeanSmall @Pixel66 FYI, the SRWorks v0.9.0.3 SDK is available to public download now: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/ This is the release that everybody

Hi @Tony PH Lin can you please grant me access to the beta for SRWorks, all my PCs in the lab have rtx2080ti. 

Do you have any idea of when will be release a new stable version of the SDK that supports Turing GPUs? I read somewhere in the forum that should be a release with the Cosmos launch.

I sent you a PM with my gmail account.
Thank You
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Good Day HTC Team! @Tony PH Lin

Unfortunately, SRWorks using Unity always crashes on our PC after pressing the play button. (Win 10, GTX 1070, 8gb ram, Unity SteamVR 1.2.3, Steam VR app 1.7 )
I tried most of the advice in this forum but with no luck.
Is it okay if  you grant me access to the beta program so that I can also test it with our PC and see if it works?

Thank you!

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Hi @Daniel @Tony PH Lin

I'm working on a  program that uses mixed-reality in Htc vive pro eye to help disabled individuals, and SRWorks doesn't work on my PC,so i really need the latest SDK  to keep things going, can i participate in the beta program? 

My gmail is lijie3701759@gmail.com, and 1462432816@qq.com  is my another email address. 

Please help me,  thank you a lot!


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