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List of Supported GPUs

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Not neccessary, thanks Tony

@JeanSmall @Pixel66 FYI, the SRWorks v0.9.0.3 SDK is available to public download now: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/ This is the release that everybody


I would love to receive the new version of SR works, since I need to use steam 2, and preferably a newer Unity version. 

Does an SR works experience folder also exist?

My email is [personally identifiable information removed by moderators].



@Tony PH Lin

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hi @Tony PH Lin,


I am trying to use the new version of the SR works SDK, but when I press play in Unity, nothing happens and I have to force shut down Unity. Also the Build file does not seem to work. 

I am using unity version 2019.2.0f1, steam 2.0.1 and I activated the camera in the Steam settings. 

What would be the best Unity version to use? 


The strange thing is that the former version of SDK was working a couple of days ago, but then it crashed and nothing seems to work since then. 


Hope to hear from you! 



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