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List of Supported GPUs

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Not neccessary, thanks Tony

@JeanSmall @Pixel66 FYI, the SRWorks v0.9.0.3 SDK is available to public download now: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/ This is the release that everybody

Hi @Tony PH Lin

Unfortunately it´s not possible to download the SDK. Sharepoint has the limitation that only 200 files can be downloaded at once and bigger files like Vive-SRWorks- with filesize 131MB cannot be downloaded due to filesize restrictions of the Sharepoint.

Please advice



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Hi @Tom17,


The total file size is around 1.1GB, not few hundred MB.

Please find the small (not obvious) download tab on the left-upper side, do not select the zip then download (it's only downloaded partial size)

Sorry for this unfriendly UI notification.

Please try again and let me know if it's successful.


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Hi @Tony PH Lin,

I'd like to participate in the beta program too, I'm a software engineer working for b<>com, a french research institute.

I'm trying to use SRWorks SDK with a Titan V (Volta, not Turing), maybe it's not part of the features?


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