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SRanipal Getting Started Steps

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SRanipal Getting Started Steps


• Plug in Vive Pro Eye HMD
• Download SDK and Runtime
• Install the SRanipal Runtime
• Start the SRanipal Runtime
• Run Calibration



• Plug in Vive Pro Eye HMD
First setup your base stations and headset like a normal VIVE Pro:


• Download SDK and Runtime
SRanipal Runtime and SDK can be downloaded from the developer portal.

Please apply for SDK access here:

Afer application submission the SDK can be downloaded here:



• Install the SRanipal Runtime
Download the latest runtime "VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_v0.7.2.1.msi" and run it to install.

Apps Installed:
Tobii VRU02 Runtime


• Start the SRanipal Runtime
Launch sr_runtime.exe from the Windows Start menu or from the default install location ("C:\Program Files\VIVE\SRanipal\")


• Run Calibration

Eye Tracking Calibration Launch Instructions
- Plug in Vive Pro Eye HMD
- Right Click "Vive-Super-Reality-Runtime" notification tray icon, select Eye Calibration


Eye Tracking Calibration Steps
- Turn on a controller
- Put on HMD
- Press system button on controller or HMD (below trackpad on controller)
- Select Pro Eye from SteamVR Dashboard
- Select Start Calibration
- Position HMD to center eyes
- Set IPD (slider should be centered in calibration image)
- Follow dots with eyes
- Press system button to close the dashboard

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Dear  @原田空来  @PheonixLab @Jad  @Nermeen  @idontwantthis

My eye tracker suddenly doesn't work, could you explain me more in detail how did you fix the problem? I ran into the same problem. Thank you very much. I am frustrating also.

Google translation from English to Japanese for @原田空来


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I must be missing it, but where can I find the SRanipal Unity API documentation?

Couldn't find it in this thread, nor in the FAQ or in the downloaded zip file. Tried googling it, but I keep coming back to the same pages.


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@jboss You can find the documentation included with the SDK zip file.

Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) Documentation can be found in these files (html & PDF):
"SRanipal_SDK_1.1.0.1.zip\SRanipal_SDK_1.1.0.1\02_Unity\Document\Eye\Getting Started with SRanipal in Unity Eye.pdf"
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I was having problems with calibration so I decided to uninstalled and re-install but now when I re-install the VIVE_SRanipalInstaller won't let me repair or install I'm not sure what the fix to this is. These are the screen shots of when I try to either repair or remove.

chrome_2021-01-13_16-28-47.png.0b19f0c736b71b6c429e692f6b719cd2.png                   chrome_2021-01-13_16-23-54.png.5a7c74913f9cfe3fd680fbcd8e9b0ed2.png


I can't seem to find whats missing so I can install this.


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