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Vive wireless adapter disconnects after a few minutes.

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Just an update. This fix I posted has almost completely solved my disconnects. I've played about 40 hours of VR since my original post. In that time I've had maybe 3-4 disconnects. FAR better than before, where I would regularly get disconnects every 20 -30 min or even worse. I recommend periodically checking the device manager, after a couple disconnects I found that the devices on the card were set to save power again! Once I disabled power saving again the disconnects are very rare. In 40 hours I've had maybe 4 disconnects, and I attribute most of them to signal loss due to the placement of my PCI-E card antenna. Hope this helps. Happy gaming!

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I've had this issue for a very long time. Random disconnects. I tried all the fixes listed here. The controller timeout fix didn't work for me. The setting USB devices to never power off didn't help e

Interesting development I've found, if I could get other ppl to test too and verify their experiences. Preface this with, my dropouts are confirmed to not be caused by temp issues, I have a fan mounte

I "WAS" still having the problem but then I found in the wireless settings "Connection Mode" so for giggles I set it to mode 3 and have not had the problem since.  I will update if that changes.  Howe

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