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Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter


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I really hope the rest of the performance issues can be resolved.  I'm one of the people who had a major improvement with the SteamVR beta update.  It's still not perfect though.  Nvidia VR Funhouse and Budget Cuts are examples of games that are still unplayable.  Thankfully the issues only affects some area in Budget Cuts and there are significant sections that don't exhibit problems.  Nvidia VR Funhouse is a mess in wireless and completely unenjoyable, which is a shame as it's something my family enjoys playing.


,the Frame Timing graph in SteamVR is showing just that, frame timing.  It is not equivalent to utilization.  It's possible for your processor to be sitting at 10% and have frame timing through the roof and vice-versa.  That's why you can't directly compare Frame Timing and Utilization charts.

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Are you guys kidding me? My Wireless was running fine after i upgraded my whole system.. Now installed the latest steamvr.. and i cant play a Single Game!!!! Everything is super pixelated.. how can i roll back to the older version? And what happend


Seriously how can a company f** something up so bad.. I hope a good alternative is coming out soon.. I getting to despise HTC for all the Trouble they bing me and other consumers.. 


We pay the most of all VR Users and yet we get half ready products and software at our door.. Unbeliveable ...

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 Yes.... Exactly my point. So Task Manager is the most accurate representation of hardware utilization. Wherein our CPU's are all endlessly locked to 100% irrespective of what game is being played whilst using wireless.

I can't add anything new to this issue and have gone back to wired until the issue is resolved. It was suggested to me that this issue didn't exist prior to the Wireless software Ryzen patch/update, shame rolling back to those pre bricked drivers/version isn't an option.

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The question is .... can Steam VR even solve the problem with software? Is Intel the problem? Was the problem recognized by the companies? Is this anybody interested in Valve or HTC?
The Windows Task: VR Compositor is listed as a separate process for the cable connection.
If the VR glasses are connected to the wireless adapter, the VR Compositor will be displayed as a subset of the "Steam Client Bootstrapper 32Bit".

The Steam VRCompositor needs about 5% CPU with cable
The Steam VRCompositor needs about 40% CPU with a wireless adapter
Intel 7700K / Asus Z270E


The device does not work acceptably. It is a disappointment.

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I have communicated with Intel directly on this issue and they are monitoring this thread. I must say that Intel customer service and tech support is mind boggling responsive and helpful; Kudos!

Also reached out to DisplayLink however they didn't respond.

As disappointing as it is, in defence of the Vive team their hands are clearly not idle. We'll have to wait and see.

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After reading this thread, I think the result came from Nagorak makes sense to me. When go wireless and if you need to set your SS high, then you need to sacrifice the performance. That's why I set my SS like 100%.


I haven't tested out to see if it was fixed, however I think I know why performance was bad before and why reducing SS helped improve performance. I discovered that if my GPU was completing the frame later, even if it was still below 12ms (staying out of reprojection), it would cause late starts on the CPU. Meanwhile if it was completing the frame faster this wouldn't happen.

Basically it seems like the Wireless Adapter inserted an extra step between the GPU completing the frame and the CPU starting the next(?) frame. It appears to work like this:

Wired: GPU completes frame > CPU starts next frame.

Wireless: GPU completes frame > WA Compresses Frame > CPU starts next frame.

So, if your GPU is finishing closer to the 12ms mark (usually what would happen if you are increasing SS to maximize image quality), then the CPU would end up starting late and if it was late enough it wouldn't finish in time resulting in reprojection. Meanwhile if your GPU finishes faster (lower SS), it gives more time to compress the frame before the CPU needs to start the next frame.

Assuming the problem has been fixed, I suspect what has changed is now the CPU is not being held back from starting the next frame while the previous frame is being compressed, and instead they are occurring concurrently.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/9yvf02/new_steamvr_beta_completely_resolve_performance/

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I am also having this issue. I get a little jutter every second or so. It seems to be worst in steamVR home and beat saber. I also get it in budget cuts. But I don’t get it much in SkyrimVR.



Processor: i7-4790k


OS: Win 10 Pro

GPU: GTX 1080



Things I have tried:

-reinstalling the software

-moving to all PCIe slots (both 3.0 and 2.0)

-reducing signal strength (moved close and far away and blocked the sensor). This had other effects like grey screen but the jutter was consistent.

-BIOS is at the most updated version I want (there is a beta for the next version, but I don’t want that)

-Windows is updated (as well as the latest steam and Vive)

-turned off all wireless signals in the house

-changed SS from 20% to 500% (normally 184%). No change in jutter.

-camera is disabled

-jutter is worst when I have a secondary video ouput via HDMI (2-3 jitters/second. It gets mildly better when out put is through DVI(1-2 jitters per second). Very little jitters when no secondary output(1-5 seconds between jitters).

-can’t find a setting to see if my PCIe is gen3.

-verified no jitters when wired with all the updates. Or with card still installed.

-CPU hovers around 50-70% depending on the game in VR (without wireless 30-50%)


Well, I hope this can be figured out soon. It’s just too expensive to have these jitters. I am willing to help troubleshoot or test anything you need in the mean time. I’ll probably give it another week before I return in.

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