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Extending Vive Wireless Adapter Antenna - In case anyone wants to know....

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@BPachal Just checking that you have tried changing your pci express slots as I couldn't get mine to work in any of the 1x slots but it works fine in the 16x slot. I do still get the issue from time to time that Bob mentioned that sometimes when booting up I get the wigig card not found message but blue light is still on. It seems to be the wigig card is a bit loose at the extended side and can usually fix by adjusting it and rebooting. I was hoping that there would be a way of fixing this without rebooting by restarting a service or something but haven't found a way of doing this though I'm pretty sure that once when this happened the wigig card also needed a software update which I did and it fixed without a restart which would suggest it is possible.

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