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Headset further damaged by repair!


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OK So seems like were gettign out fo the cylce of send in, break, rinse, repeat.  Rhiannon R
HTC Vive Social Response Team
has finaly contacted me through twitter and has my case.  They have intercepted the package from the RMA facility and will be reviewing the case.  I still don't know where this puts me but its better than where I was headed it seems.

It shouldnt ahve taken what I did.


Total time spent with Support so far for this RMA process is nearing 8 hours on chat and email.

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I'm blown away just reading this.. I had issues with customer support a month ago and it appears no forward progress has been made. Very disappointing, I don't plan on sending anything to HTC or buying another HTC product after reading your story. Seems converting to Oculus is the way to go.

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Yeah Its unfortunate that its been like this.

I finaly have my headset back as of friday.  They finaly replaced the entire HMD.  The ordeal is over.  if it breaks again, ill just take it out back and blow it away with a shotgun.  I wont be going through this again.


The solution was to not work with chat support but complain and drag support enough through social media to get them to respond.  once they did start responding my issues got resolved.  but not until then.

No compensation for my issues or time, just the product.  Which I don't mind because I got what I wanted. Its just seeing how HTC has caused me so many problems for so long a time.  You would think they would want to make it more than just OK.

Mind you at least 8 hours of my time was spent with support during this ordeal.  At my pay rate thats the equivelant of $200 of my time.  I dunno about you but HTC shoudl value their customers more than that.

6 total shipments, 1 initial RMA request,  Total Cost in all parties involved and expenses for shipping is prolly reaching close to $800-$900.  Just interesting aspects you wouldnt expect.

My issue is now closed until it breaks again which I fully expect it to.

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48 minutes ago, h.c said:

i dont know where to post this and quite frankly i dont care im pissed i sent my headset in for rma warranty work and i get a broken DIRTY POS back with MORE out pixels and one screen darker than the other on top of that the strap was broken and the support tried to play it off as happening during shipping which is bullshit now i have an even worse headset with the wrong serial number on it this is unacceptable i have multiple communication one stating MY headset was repaited and being returned when it was NOT mine now the support higher team is trying to pass it off as "we reserve the right to send a replacement" well then send a brand new one not a used damaged one thats in worse shape and more unplayable than the original, in my opinion this seems shady.




On 9/5/2018 at 3:15 PM, jagibson said:



I've looked up your tickets.  I will notify our repair center leadership regarding the new symptoms.  Shipping labels issuance is a 48 hour turn around time by default, I realize it's not perfect and we are looking at ways to improve these items.


In the meantime, I Xed out your ticket and name for privacy purposes.  I will email you separately to follow this repair on your behalf.


Thank you,



im having similar issues

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