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A fix about that lens distortion issue... a suggestion for HTC


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Yikes - thats rough to hear direct feedback of simulation induced motion sickness in the field. We've only had a few demos in the wild with the system at this point because of this concern... mostly internal reviews... It feels like the device has gotten better the last few updates, but if this is still causing people to feel dizzy its pretty much a no-go... and its positioning as a premium product is really tenuous. Something has to happen soon. 

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Hello , , 


This is Tony from HTC and we'd like to notify you that we have a new ROM version that aims to improve this distortion symptom.


I understand this issue has been existing for a long time for developers; please kindly do us a favor and preview the fix on your device to check if the final result is good and resolves your previous concerns. We'll need your device serial no. for FOTA usage.


Please send back your device S/N from adb and we will notify you again once we release the FOTA recently.

Thanks for your sincerely support.


Best regards,



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