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Error 108 (HMD) - Symptoms and Solutions

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Error 108, which means ‘headset not detected’, is indicated by the red LED on the headset and a pop up message. This is often an issue caused by USB driver. Possible solutions are listed below:

  • Reboot the headset.
  • Try different USB ports on PC. Try the USB 2.0 ports instead of USB 3.0. Some USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 chipsets might cause issues. You can also try other USB ports that are being used and working. If the error still existing, update the USB drivers and reset USB devices.
  • Make sure the link box is used in a correct direction. The orange cables from the headset should be plugged into the orange ports on the link box.
  • Make sure all cables are connected firmly, especially the HDMI cables. Unplug and plug back all the cables might help.
  • Make sure that headset, controllers and base stations are all up to date.
  • Uninstall and install Steam and SteamVR if needed.

Quit Steam and SteamVR, and restart the PC.

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