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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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According to your log, it seems you have something that would interfere your tracking. 

Do you have Kinect or other devices like IRobot in the same room while VIVNG?  If you have, you may disable those devices before VIVING. 



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Although opening the main menu button (to access home, steam, desktop view) sends a billion missing frames, it seems not bad when I close the menu, just playing the game. However, that required me to literally black out my windows, remove all my furniture (coffee table, and literally EVERYTHING reflective). The thing is, though, is that my regular Vive worked great, no problem...I bought the pro because it's supposed to make the VR experience more comfortable and easier to jump into (with the improved ergenomics, single connector cord, etc). Having to take all these extra steps to make the tracking (somewhat ok), though, defeats all that. I'll wait till wireless comes out...and possibly wait a bit after that even, to make sure I'm buying a product that has all the bugs worked out.

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