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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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beta steam vr and updating firmware, settings in Nvidia to performance, disable power management does not make any difference I'm afraid. Tried it.

Will semd system report as requested a.s.a.p.

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it does feels like it tracks a bit better but still loses tracking when covering up sensors. it seems like the bottom left and right sensors are the most sensitive. When covering these sensors it loses tracking but upper sensors less. Still it loses tracking though

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Thanks to everyone for all your help and suggestions! I've tried about all of them with little succes... I even got grey screens at some point, which I didn't have before. But turning off Power Managentment in SteamVR settings seems to have fixed that up till now!


But then still the same, SteamVR Home is all over the place. I have a feeling in game things got a little more stable. But it's still NOT ok. Looking around can seem to 'twist' a little, or sometimes freeze a second. And moving the wands around keeps stuttering, not extremely severe, but consistantly.


And I tried just about everything im this post and more multiple times. I will keep reading, trying, waiting a while longer since I still have some time to return it. I thought we would get a pm on where to send our system reports?


Again, thanx for efforts so far everyone

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  Yeah sounds like the same kind of problem. And yes, I'm one of those that never had NO problems getting motion sick, I just don't. But playing like this with a constant unstableness even I get a little nausia at some point.


Whats more, my favorite game is a golf game. I can get it to preform reasonable on Vive Pro, but then I have to lower quality so far untill it actually looks FAR worse then on my old Vive! So on my old Vive I could play that same game very stable and far better looking! And I have a 1080TI with i7, thats just rediculous.


I'll be so sorry to have to return the Pro because overall I really like the machine!! 


Btw, has any of you recieved a pm for where to send your system reports? I want to try help to solve this.

Or has Vive already given up?

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