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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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I've reset SS and reinstalled fresh without any improvement. Also, I had already tried changing nVidia maximum performance mode many times back and forth. Nothing so far from this thread has helped. Unfortunately, I've got just a few more days before I must return the Product for a refund.

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Update: Understanding and solving these issues are a top priority. In an effort to understand the root of this issue, our engineers are asking for all users who are experiencing these issues to submit SteamVR System Reports for review. I am PMing everybody in this thread with instructions on where to send the System Reports. 


To generate a SteamVR System Report, launch SteamVR (with the Pro plugged in), click on the dropdown menu and select "Create System Report". This will open up a new window called "System Report" - in the bottom right hand side of this window click "Save to File", type in a name (please include your forum username), and save the files as a .txt and email it to the address provided via PM. It helps if you are able to generate the report during a session where the tracking issue is actively occurring. 



  - The RD team is also is wondering if you could possibly also provide pictures of the room where your Vive is set up. 


Once we have your logs/system report, our engineers will review all of the logs that are submitted and hopefully be able to gain deeper insight into what's happening. 

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