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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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Same problem as some people in here, original works fine but Pro is all over the place with 2 base stations, with 1 base station tracking works but I find the screen a little wobbley or how it is called in english.

So far not very impressed and will likely return it.

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My pro acted like this (greyscreen / flickering / dropped frames / poor tracking ) for the first 30 mins. I wound up resolving it through one or a combination of these items ;


1. Opt out of Steam Beta, let Steam update your SteamVR app to normal. Set the % (formerly SS) to as low as it can go.

2 . Update controllers via direct USB connection , not Bluetooth as it won't show an update is available.

3. Pair controllers to new link box

4. Completely reset system, power off and unplug power to link box.

5. Ensure Nvidia Control panel is set back to maximum performance. ( Mine switched back to maximum quality when I changed to display port)

6. Restart system. Run the room setup again.


At the lowest % in steam vr , see if you can regain tracking. Then increase the % until tracking is lost , I think you have to restart steam vr each time you make a change to the %.


I have a 1080ti , i56700k and first gen (founders?) Htc Vive setup , the one shipped in the giant box. Nothing on my system is overclocked.

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Thanks ! Based on these steps I was actually able to reproduce the issue on one of our systems this afternoon. On the affected test PC I found that switching between a Vive connected via HDMI and a Pro via DP can cause Nvidia to alter its performance settings. In my unique case, it went from "let the 3D application decide" to "quality". On this setup, using a USB 3.1 port in combination with "quality" resulted in poor tracking - using "performance" on a USB 3.1 resulted in some tracking issues. Switching to "performance" as well as a USB 3.0 port resulted in the issue being totally fixed. On this PC it seems to be a combo of the motherboard's USB situation and Nvidia settings. 


During my testing, Valve released a beta branch of SteamVR with a new Vive Pro firmware release and a few other fixes. Joining the beta and updating the HMD's firmware improved the experience overall but I still had minor tracking issues on this test PC with USB 3.1, albiet less severe after the updates. 


Nothing definitive here - just wanted to share that we're actively investing these issues and reports like  provided are super helpful in reproducing these issues. Thanks! 

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I also found a fix for mine, well atleast in a standing setting, I will see more tommorw if it will fix it in a large area when I go back home. But anyways the tracking in perfect now for the pro also if you go into settings->developer->room and tracking-> room overview. It will give you the map I used before. But I had to get it lined up perfectly on the corners and get the middle beam to be the the exact middle of the base stations. I've done this before but I seem to work really well today. I had to redo the room setup everytime though to get it to sync where the beams were pointed. But finally it works enough where I do not glitch out unless I step a little pass the senors, because I'm in my dorm room and I do not have a lot of space(p.s this was before the patch today as mentioned above.I will have to see if that new patch makes it even better.)

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Just checking. Have you set SS on VIVE before? I read 2 or 3 threads you need to reset SS settings becasue you can not apply SS settings you used on VIVE to VIVE Pro due to the resolution. Thus, crazy frame drops is seen on VIVE Pro.


There is also a setting that allows to set application resolution based on the performance of your GPU.



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