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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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, thank you for keeping us updated as to how you solved your issue!


, I don't see anything immediately obvious in that system log that indicates the root issue. You do have a substantial number of peripherals. 


,  - a good place to start is to see if unplugging USB peripherals fixes the behavior. Especially if you own a logitech wireless mousepad. Also, I should have mentioned this earlier but I find that I typically have to fully reboot the PC when I switch from the standard Vive to the Pro for it to work smoothly - I haven't personally had much luck getting it to work when hot swapping. 


We're actively monitoring this issue. Anybody else facing similar issues is encouraged to post here so we can gain more insight into the issue. 

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I don't know if they ever did solve this problem but at one time, any other USB controller which was a throttle control (this could be a racing wheel with pedals or a flight throttle stick) would interfere with the original Vive's performance, once the controller with the throttle was unplugged, everything worked fine. Just a quick something to try to eliminate a possible incompatibility issue.

Regards: Jack

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I've got exctly the same problem.

Original Vive headset works perfect but using the Pro version is a headache. Losing trackig all the time.

It does work but need to sit still and when traking resumes and the full grey screen dissapears it works. But it loses track quite easy. I aam using the original base stations, light of and all shiny surfuces covered and all curtains closed. That doesn't heelp either. BUTTTTTT! What I find out is the following. When tracking is working and I just cover just ONE sensor on the HMD it loses traking immediately. It doesn't matter which one. As soon as I cover on of the sensors it loses tracking. When I'm standing in a position the base stations have line of sight on all sensors it keeps owkring but as soon ONE sensor is loosing track then headset display turns full gray.


I'm using Windows 10 Pro, i5 CPU, 16GB RAM. No USB adapters or something like that and no additional USB gaming devices attached.

I'm pretty bummed because this headset is not cheap and not working as it should be.


Please help or just give me a refund by sending this headset back. I have 2 other old Vive headset working just fine in the same environment. This is my third Vive but am alread having regrets buying it.

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Even touching with a single finger on the headset without blocking a sensor or basee station with my hand it emidiately loses tracking. That's really redicioulous. What the hell is going on? Can this even be a software issue?

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Same I contacted support friday and havn't goten anything back. My pro is going all over the place, and my hands fly off sometimes too, its going horizontal, sometimes flings me around vive home or telports me. Even sometimes goes under the map. I updated BIOS, everydriver, reinstalled steamVR and vive drivers, nothing works. My oringal vive works but my pro is very glitchy. Please tell me its a software problem, so I do not have to swap it out and send it back in!

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My specs are 1080ti
16GB Ram
intel i7-8700k 3.70 6 cpus
z370-a pro motherboard
have a vive and vive pro
regular vive works, vive pro doesn't work



To add on to this post, Im on normal branch

Have razer keyboard with razer synapse

Logitech G700 mouse with the software

New graphics and BIOS drivers, everything is updated


Im having the problems and everyone else, I dont want to hang onto a defective headset, but I dont want to send it back even though it could be software and a patch coming out might fix it. How long does the warenty last for the VIVE PRO? Also I have a temp fix below

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I have been normally been playing in a large space, but I brought it back to my dorm to work on it. It was worse in a standing mode, so I reset nvdia graphics, turned down vr scaleling to 100%, nothing worked, still buggy. Well I got the base stations perfectly lined up and hooked the cord between them. Launched a game and it was still glitchy, then I read in an article that you could quicksetup the room with a click of a button, it worked but I was in the ground, so I set the headset on the ground and did a quick setup of a small scale room, it worked for the most part and my headset wasnt glitching, but I reset it at waste high so I couldn't grab guns off the floor in game. But then I launched skyrim vr and the game actually worked, no glitching or lose of tracking when I reset the floor height using quick setup. Will try more tommorow, and let everyone know. Thought I would provide a temp fix for anyone wanting to use their VIVE PRO. If any techs want my files or something message me and let me know, so we can get this issue fixed! 

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I've tried replacing the Logitech wireless mouse with a different supplier's wired mouse, downclocking RAM, and other stuff, but without much success. Some seemed to affect the length of the session before the headset loses track, but cannot be sure because of the constant instability.


But finally, I was able to stablize the headset tracking by unplugging one of the base stations.

This had the side effect of making the headset to momentarily lose track whenever I turn my back against the live basestation, but it resumes instantly when I face front again, and is at least usable as such.


I haven't tested swapping the live base stations to see what happens, but is there a possibility of a faulty base station even if they work flawlessly as a pair for the original Vive ?

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