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flashing grey screen


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Im well aware thats its a heat issue now but I cant be withoutmy Vive going into repair so i have to stick with Big fans and an ice pack close by if the problem gets too much. 

Will wait until vive 2.0 comes out Or the LG or some other HMD then get this one sorted. 

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I'm doing it for the exact same reason as you .

I don't want to end up with expired warranty and haven't sorted this things out. When the new generation VR comes I want to be able to sell my VR in good condition :) I didn't had the time to play on it the last couple of months anyway ...

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Hey , I didn't know you were having this problem. Remember back when you were reviewing games on your show from The Basement and you had me on your show? I was already having this problem back then. Mine started around May. In fact I had the problem a couple times while we were trying to record your show, if you recall, cuz' the camera crew showed up late and you & I ended up being in VR for like 3.5 hours, pushing my HMD into the overheat zone.


Anyway, I'm on my second HMD experiencing the same problem, but also my second HMD where taping over the one sensor fixes the problem. Knock-on-wood, I have not had the problem spread to additional sensors even though it has been suggested that this would occur. For me, besides looking a little hoakie, occluding that sensor has been a viable fix, in that it has given me back full use of my Vive and I think easier and safer than fans and ice packs. 


I am still hoping for a real fix, i.e. engineering change, from Vive, and I think we are all owed a fully functional product that could be resold to someone without a disclaimer, but the pragmatist in me says I can run this way if necessary. Anyway, if the heat theory holds true, winter is coming so I should have a few months of normal operation. Maybe when I put my shorts away and get out long pants and flannel shirts I will try taking the tape off my HMD. 


Your new videos and logo are looking good! Good luck to you!

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I  bought 2 headsets in May for my Arcade, just to see how clients would like it. My area has some glass and light spots. One headset works perfectly, it gets hot but no grey screens or loss of tracking at all. The other one, well first I blamed the glass walls, I covered them, then the light, I blocked it. The gray screen keeps coming after playing for about 30 to 40 min. 

Both computers are exactly the same, bought them with the same components, GPU GTX 1070, i7, 16 RAM , Windows 10.


Well after changing the HMD to the other computer and VR area, the HMD showed gray screen after 20 min. 


In counclusion, the HMD has a fault, too bad I couldnt test this before because I got the computers a month ago.


My last try is changing the USB cable from the headset, I'm doing this tomorrow and let you know.

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Wow, , that is a useful post. I don't think we've had anyone with a similar situation.


So your "good" HMD stays good on either computer and your "bad" HMD fails after 20 or 30-40 minutes depending on the computer / play area?


Thanks for posting. We haven't had any new input for a while.

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Dear , i have big request for you!

Please, could you swap only HMD in your "Arcade" (cables, linkbox and other components stay in their places). It's very interesting what will be result.

I'am betting that HMD is reason of problem.

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Yes  , the good one stays good in either computer or play area, it even gets super hot and works perfectly.


The bad HMD starts to show gray screens after 20 to 40 min. I've also notice that when the game starts to have more to process it will acelerate the gray screen until it looses completely tracking. For ex. when I play HordeZ , at the begining is fine, but after having bunch of zombies around me it starts to flash grey. 

My hypothesis is that the USB cable from the headset to the link box cant handle all that info. I'm getting a new usb today and I will test it.


, sure I'll try changing the HMD only and let you know.


This is a nightmare for a VR Arcade, I want to expand to 5 VR's but I wont do it until VIVE comes with a solution, or buy the HMD, test it for a full day and if it losses tracking I'll return it. 

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