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flashing grey screen


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 I'm glad that you've connected here. You are Technical Specialist, it's very good. Some of us sent our HDM with this problem to HTC and we still haven't got any news about the analysis of it. Write here please also, what the news about this problem in common.

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Here's my low-budget racing setup. It's a Logitech G25 with a GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand on its low setting. The fan is the black tower on the far side of the picture. It blows diagonally directly at my face. The temperature in this room is air-conditioned to about 23C.



The lighthouses are mounted about 7' high in opposite corners of the 12'x12' room (to the left on the wall in the picture and behind to the right).

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Dear friends

My patience is over.

Following this I will share my case with you all. But, now I think it is time to start coordinating a joint response to CTDI and HTC service in time for Christmas campaign.

I would first like to say thank you to and Mrs. Alejandra from EU support. They both have been really kind and helpfull. But HTC is not at the same level some of their staff is.

This is what I am going to do to be prepared:

  • I will be writing a detailed report on this case.
  • This report will be published in a blog under a domain I have specifically registered for this topic: http://victimsofhtcvive.com. Currently there is only a cover page... by now. But it is active and has begun to be indexed by crawlers.
  • I will spend some money in adwords and will accept your help to promote it in social media though different guerrilla marketing actions. Donations or direct support for adwords or any other marketing affilliation network will be appreciated.
  • This case will be sent to every specialized media and influencer we can reach in internet.
    I kindly ask you all for your help to gather contact information about the main offline media in your countries: gaming, VR, computer and IT magazines.
  • I have created a twitter account: "Victims of HTC VIVE" @HTCVIVEVictims. Please follow
    I have created a youtube channel "HTC VIVE Victims" victimsofhtcvive@gmail.com. Please subscribe.
    I will share passwords to all of you who want to collaborate and populate these with info and videos on your cases. It is very important to give accurate info and make reference to ticket numbers. It is also important to spread the information in both English and all our mother languages.

Everything is prepared now and in pole position. But lets be reasonable and give some time to HTC to react and reconsider they complete absence of feedback. Let's coordinate and prepare our actions to reach media for Christmas campaign in case HTC won't solve THEIR problem.

It is important that every potential HTC buyer will know what they risk to suffer and the kind of support they are going to receive if they are affected by the faulty design and/or manufacturing process and/or quality control and/or customer service from HTC and once informed they will be able to decide freely if they want to join the VR world and together with what brand. The excellente service from people like @jagibson or Mrs Alejandra is useless if they are not supported by the organizaton behind, HTC, or their providers, CTDI.

Maybe then HTC will take this problem and their costumers seriously. And if they do, maybe they want to reconsider the contract they have with CTDI for Technical Repairs and support.

I have made a copy of this whole thread just in case HTC decides to delete it.

If any one of you want to collaborate, please send me a PM.

Once said this, I would like to share with you that despite the exceptional care by and Mrs Alejandra from EU support, whose help is greatly appreciated, coordination with CTDI has been a complete disaster in my case.


I will give complete details through mentioned new created media, but in summary, once my HMD was received in Romania (it never was or will be sent to Taiwan) I was asked to pay money for a SW upgrade of each of the items I included in the box (link box and HMD) for being out of warranty. This despite I had been confirmed by support that my HMD was considered under warranty as the fault was detected and published during that period. And despite European laws and Irish laws (HTC Vive European web site sells from Ireland). Please see: http://www.eccireland.ie/ecc-ireland-issues-advisory-on-consumer-warranties-and-statutory-rights/ and http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/ireland/index_en.htm. And this, despite I had included a complete report in the box with all details, ticket numbers, referencie to this forum, contacts and some of your quotes.


Once I contacted and Mrs Alejandra, they sincerely apologized and told me this might be an automatic message, but they had contacted Romania team and everything was clear although maybe my HMD would not go to Taiwan because a technician who had been for some time in Taiwan and was aware of the problem had arrived in Romania. I was also contacted by phone by Mrs Alejandra to confirm that next day. My surprise was one day later when I received a message saying my HMD was coming, but nothing else. Today the parcel reached me. There was no single note describibg or listing any test, diagnose or repair service. Nothing. I sent an email three days ago asking for an information update that has not being answered. And I have received all my HMD parts detached. 3-1 wire cover, strap, and foam, everything detached. Not even the protective paper I put was in the lenses. No explanation. No service sheet. Nothing.
I don't really now what has happened. I will have to attach everything and test it. Unfortunately, I will also be out of home for some days so I won't be able to do intensive tests. But I do know something. Repaired or not, this is not the way to treat customers. HTC has now lost all trustability for me.


All my resources are prepared and at your disposal. If the problem is not solved and all of us receive appropriate feedback an progress updates I will activate them in one month.

My patience is over.






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All   and others:


- Our engineering teams have received the HMDs that were captured.  They are running through and attempting to reproduce the symptoms described in this thread.


- At first test the symptoms did not show under normal circumstances.  They have to simulate conditions as described here and in a controlled manner and account for a variety of variables.  This not a simple 5 minute or one hour test, especially if the symptom does not manifest immediately.


- The process for any kind of testing requires to be able to reproduce, and since we are only working with a single component (the HMDs that were sent in) in a completely different location, under completely different computing environments, again, these variables need to be accounted for.


Where do we stand today:

All samples are being tested.  Our engineers also have other duties that they need to adhere to so everythign needs to be scheduled and conducted properly.


These are being looked at and due dilligence is being performed to

a) reproduce the symptom and

b) confirm a cause.


Our teams have not uncovered nor reproduced the symptoms for this yet, they will continue to work to do so.


In the meantime, I will request that this thread be locked for a small period until which time I have additional news to report.  I wish I had more to report but all I can say is that this is still being actively pursued.


Thank you,


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I have reopened the thread to new replies.  I believe in open dialog and want it to continue.  This thread is being monitored.  I ask for your trust that as soon as I have more information I will update this thread and elsewhere where necessary.


At this time, my most recent update still stands: we are trying to reproduce across several units.  Once testing is complete and full reports are available I will share what I am able.


In the spirit of dialog I also request that we all extend respect for the teams that monitor these boards.  We work hard on a number of issues and our number one reason for being is to serve as advocates for our customers and that will never change.  We are a small passionate team and we push to get resolution for our customers.


Thank you again for letting us work with you and being a part of the Vive family. 


Thank you,


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To reproduce, keep room temperature high, play a sitted game, and keep looking at one of the stations directly. Symptoms show up after about 30 minutes.


I suspect that the overheating only occurs when most of the sensors are activated and the headset chips are running at full capacity.

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Big Thank you  for answers.

it is noteworthy that,

I also have many other things to do and therefore i had limited time for tests, but i can have managed do it and made more fully review of my tests than yours (i had pictures, videos and annotations).

Okay, i will wait news.

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Hello everyone, i sent my HDM to tests and got the replacment HDM from HTC. So , for now, it works fine. My Children had 2.5 playhours. In the same time, the tempreature was about 26-27C, and the tempreature of the HDM's front panel was 39.7 - 39.9C. (When the problem started, it was 31-33 С temp in the room, and 41 С front panel.)

I hope, it didn't connect with the tempreature, and my Hdm would work fine days after days :)

I hope HTC can find out the reason of this problem. By the way, if my new HDM wuold work fine, it means, that the others parts of Vive are not connect with the problem.  If this information is true, the HTC team would solve the problem more faster.

During 1 month i'm going to test several times.  I think soon this problem will be solved 


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Aidar, I'll try to look it in the evening. I sent my hdm to HTC center in Romania and the sent me back theyreplacement. Honesty speaking, it isn't important for me, if I got back a new one, or I got back just hdm, which was in using, but which works fine. The main important thing, is that they have my hdm to test, and I have hdm, which works good. And I believe , they can solve this problem :)

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