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flashing grey screen


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Hi everyone.

 it's a very bad news , that your replacement HDM has the same problem. It means the problem might be with Linkbox or power adapter, wich give too many power for HDM and after some time the sensors in HDM begin work not good. Thet's why firstly all HDMs work fine.


,  what do you think about it.

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Im currently having the same issues as everyone. If i restart everything it works fine for about 10 minutes then the screen starts flashing gray and it gets worse. I tried the the trick about covering the one sensor and it actually makes it playable, and get the gray screen alot less

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hi everyone,


i have potentially promising news.

I was discussing the issue on reddit and someone suggested to try to not use a power bar with a surge protector to power the base stations. As i was using one, i tried what he wrote. I connected the base stations directly to the power socket without using the surge protector.

I have been playing for the last few days, several hours a day, without the slightest problem. Not a single gray screen up to now. Temperature was also cooler last days, but i have a feeling that the surge protector was what causing the problem in my case.

It maybe also be that the issue is caused by different factor for different people, but if someone experiencing the problem is using a surge protector to power the base stations, it's worthwhile to try without it and post here the results.

On my part, i will post again if i will experience the problem again.

Good luck everyone!

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I don't use surge protector with base station, so for my setup this can not be the cause of the problem and today I also have been able to use the VIVE for about 1 and a half hours without issues, but I think it's due to the cooler temperatures of these days.
I'm still convinced that the flashing gray screen problem is somehow related to the heat...

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to answer your questions:

with the power bar, the problem usually appeared after at least 30 mins. I was convinced it had something to do with overheating, and i still do, anyway, since i'm not using the power bar, everything run perfectly. Not only i do not see any grey screen but the tracking seems improved too.


Before finding this, i had tried the sensor covering trick. It helped for a time but at last the problem appeared again.

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