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, as you noted it's likely related to ambient IR reflections which will be very unique to your environment given the materials the compose the surfaces in your room as well as emission sources. I wanted to comment on this post specifically to give you a heads up that we've seen that ACs can cause amperage drops or spikes in the power supplied to the basestations depending on how your house is wired up. If you do add an AC and experience tracking issues when the AC kicks on or off, look to that as the first source of interference. 

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thanks for the response, it's really nice to get a quick and knowledgable reply from an official source. 


I've chased this problem a LOT, both with htc support and on my own. I'm talking; driver reinstalled, firmware updates, os reinstalls, various PCIE usb cards, covering anything remotely reflective, new link box, new 3 in 1 cable, approxemetly 200 different lighthouse positions, and I **bleep** you not: I even eventually rigged a sort of black box theater with giant floor to ceiling curtains inside my bedroom. 


all attempting to solve the exact symptoms described in this an other threads of slowly degrading tracking until the vive I unusable. 


in my particular case I have developed a theory that a very small room, coupled with too much (not necessarily reflective) stuff on my walls (my aesthetic tends toward aggresively busily decorated) was mainly to cause. and I think I'm going to be able to add excessive heat to that theory. 

so for other people experiencing this try: bigger rooms, emptier rooms, and colder rooms. 


all things considered its been totally worth all this problem solving, it's an amazing product. 


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