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BSOD when plugging in Vive

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hi i just read all the comments- HTc I am appalled to the efforts in fixing this issue, 2-4 years on.

im running htc vive elite!

asus maxamimus viii

64gb ddr4

rtx 2070


i get blue screen everytime i plug in my usb! 

whats going on is ther any update 4 years on geez think it would be fixed!

ive tried everything and spewing into how and why !

ity resets steam Vr everytime and have to reinstall everytime now it is not fun. - worried that itsz faulty-

please help




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@ergosumsaga - What's your BSOD stop code? What critical events are listed in your Event Viewer?

There's a pretty good chance that it has to do with something downstream - the HMD itself is basically a glorified display with more advanced I/O.

If you've been using the same Windows installation for 4 years and getting the same BSOD - that in and of itself could be the problem. You should be doing a clean windows install every year or so at a minimum and if you haven't done one in a while, it may fix your problem.


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