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I would like to know the answer to this. Specifically, after you create an app using Unity and the Vive Wave SDK; how do you load it onto the Vive Flow?

Sideloading the .apk to the Android phone doesn't seem to be the solution.

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I figured this out. The steps seem to be:

  1. Install Unity
  2. Install the Unity plugins for Wave SDK
  3. Install Android Studio
  4. Connect Vive Flow to the PC (possibly you might also need to connect the Android phone)
  5. Start a project in Unity
  6. In Unity, select File -> Build Settings to open the Build Settings Dialog
  7. In the Build Settings dialog, select Android
  8. Set Run Device to "Htc Vive Flow"
  9. Select Build and Run
  10. The app will be running in the Vive Flow headset



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