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Sending your vive pro 2 back to htc for the vertical lines issue will lead to "no issue found"

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12 minutes ago, GAMEDRIX said:

I knew they would sent your unit back as it happened to so many others but they really also had the audacity not to give your unit back properly.......?

I'm really near suing this company.

Yes its missing all the parts!only the headset is inside the box !

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Not surprising.  I wonder though.  Does "no problem found" mean that during testing the HTC engineers could see the vertical lines that you (and we) see but consider them within what the company regards as "normal" parameters; or does it mean that they do not see these vertical lines at all--suggesting possibly a local problem that all of us are having?  Did they provide any such clarification?

If not, can someone from HTC who monitors this forum indicate which this is?  I'd love to know since this would help us all understand whether this phenomenon is something that is just an artifact of the display technology being used in this headset and needs to be accepted similar to traditional SDE; or whether it is abnormal and something that HTC genuinely does not see when testing these returned customer units.  Yes, these lines are very thin, diaphanous, and such that some folks might not even notice them; but clearly vertical once you do see them and unmistakably there.  So can you tell us, do you see these or not?  If so, are they considered to be within normal tolerances from HTCs point of view?  And if not, can you indicate this?

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Posted (edited)

What's worse is for my end I didn't get any information when I got the headset back, I had to ask my reseller to ask htc to know what happened... lol

- they said no issues found, but that's the only thing they said.... Nothing about what they did atleast taking contact with me through mail nothing... The customer service is just bad.

It seems like they only care when It's a youtuber/influencer or company problem but for public consumers we're just money-giving meat.

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