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Found 7 results

  1. i cant get one tracker to connect it just flashes blue when i try to connect it
  2. Hello everyone, I'm writing this post to share the recent issues I ran into past couple of weeks and the conclusions my companie and I made to fix them. First I'd like to specify that we work on a VR solution implying the use of 3 trackers (2 of them with pogopin inputs) and a leap motion on Unity. We recently ran into a series of problems involving : - First we couldn't connect some trackers in our App, even tho they where connected just fine in SteamVR. - After i fixed that, we had "random" troubles with the orientation of trackers (apparently a (90, 0, 0) rotation). We read many posts issuing the same problem but I figured out an information I never found on the forums so I thought might as well share it. Here's a sample of the posts we read : So here the good stuff : As you can see there is a problem currently with the orientation of trackers marked as "Held in Hand". It is not a problem if you don't seek to retrieve inputs from pogo pins as you can simply mark them with any other roles and never see the issue again. In the same way we read that supposedly you can retrieve pogopin inputs from any roles since SteamVR 1.16.8 but it's not working for us (we are currently on SteamVR 1.16.10). This was, more than a fix, a kind of work around in order not to run into orientation problems. But let's face it, it's not a real solid fix (small reminder, some people actually use HTC Vive and trackers for serious business reasons, and our work and income can be directly impacted if SteamVR ain't working). But it appears that in our app we had this little code line that checked if the connected device was a tracker : if(deviceClass == ETrackedDeviceClass.GenericTracker) There's the spicy stuff : it is this line that caused our first issue, the connecting trackers problem. And the problem appeared ONLY when tracker was set to "held in hand". You see where i'm going ? It appears, for some reason, that SteamVR tells to Unity that the last connected device is a normal controller. Wich should not be a problem since normal controllers and tracker pogopins share the same input identification so your custom controller's buttons should work as intended. But you know what trackers and controllers do NOT share ? Yup, orientation in virtual world. In conclusion we think, and i can't accentuate this enough since it's a random problem so you can never be sure if you fixed it or if you are just extremely lucky, that if your tracker is set as "Held in hand" SteamVR will tell Unity that you just connected a normal controller (even tho in the Steam VR window you see a tracker) so Unity will display it with the orientation of a controller wich is different from the one of a tracker (why ? nobody knows, they could very well share the orientation as well but you know...). So our fix for now is this : if(deviceClass == ETrackedDeviceClass.GenericTracker || deviceClass == ETrackedDeviceClass.Controller) { if(deviceClass == ETrackedDeviceClass.Controller) //Change tracked object orientation with a (90, 0, 0) rotation } In hope that will help some of you, and that Vive developpers can maybe fix that problem any time soon. Sincerely, Syko
  3. Hi! I just reached out the VIVE support service about the topic in the tittle, to be able to setup the base stations and the vive trackers without having to use the HMD. From what they told me its not possible to do that but they said that maybe there is a way. My purpose with this is to track the movement of a real object with the vive trackers and then save the data to simulate the movement in a virtual object. Apparently SteamVR won't be able to connect to those devices without the HMD but I found a way (link) to make the app think the HMD is connected and still can't make the rest of the devices to work, since it won't allow me to activate or deactivate bluetooth, I'm guessing because the HMD has to be the one and only to connect to the devices. Also, which headsets are compatible with VIVE base stations and VIVE trackers? I don't have access to the VIVE headset but maybe I do with the Valve Index, can I use those to setup the devices? And do I need the headset for everytime I will use the trackers and stations? Thanks in advance! @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  4. Hi all, We're releasing a demo for Rigel, our "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture Solution for body, fingers and face, so that potential customers can test this solution and evaluate accordingly. Here you can download the executable demo: Rigel Demo Since the introduction of the SteamVR Input plugin, there have been some changes related to the Vive Trackers setup, so we made a video explaining what needs to be done in order to make everything work during Rigel's Calibration. Rigel Demo Guidelines User Feedback is very important at this stage, so once you'll test Rigel, we ask you to spend a couple of minutes on this survey. Rigel Demo Survey Looking forward to receive valuable feedback! For any questions regarding Rigel, feel free to contact esposito.n@enter-reality.it Regards, Nicolas Esposito www.enter-reality.it
  5. Hi guys, I'm having some serious issues that mean I can't play my VIVE right now and I would really appreciate some help. A couple of weeks ago I experienced some beat sabre being quite laggy - I'm not a big tech expert so I don't really know much what I'm talking about, but other gamer friends can't seem to help either and I pretty much can't play things right now. I'm going to discuss beat sabre, because I've been using that to explore the issue. When I open the game, everything works fine. I have tried launching from desktop and from steam, as well as opening steam VR before attepmting to open the application. GPU usage of 30%. I've tried opening the settings and monitoring the graph in the bottom left, which stays at around 6 of 11.1 ms (90Hz). After one or two songs, the game suddenly becomes extremely laggy, GPU spikes to 80% usage, 20-25ms on the settings. If I open the steam menu, this spikes to over 100ms. Feels like latency issues, with the screen not catching up with my movements. Very laggy, lots of jittery movements. Makes motion sickness really terrible to deal with. Just today I also played Google Earth and Serious Sam (with my young cousin) and the problems always persisted. I've tried reinstalling steam, steam VR and the app itself. I have rolled back Nvidia drivers and updated them again. All the while I have found absolutely nothing working or even lightening the problem. I've played with the reprojection settings ... and still nothing. After restarts of the game/steamVR/PC etc I'm still finding no differences each time. It came on very suddenly, and happens every time I play on the vive now. It works seamlessly to begin with before becoming a problem. I've had the vive for almost 2 years now, light use for the most part and recently started using it a lot more. Specs are: GPU: Nvidia GeForxe GTX 1060 6GB CPU: i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz 16GB RAM I have Steam installed on a 250GB SSD with over 70GB free I have my games on a 3TB HDD with almost 2TB free If you need to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me - I'm so desperate to get this to start working again. :(
  6. Hi I am building Rehabilitation Treatments by VR Games and I need to make this trike simulator in my VR Health project and similar to this... I am interested in adding the Vive trackers to my VR Environment developer for adding to the patient feets to help to people with health problems( for example Esclerosis Multiple or similar patologies) For it, I would like to ask if the Vive Trackers kit for developers are available.... Could anybody advice me about how to get them? Thanks for your time Best Regards Alejandro Castan
  7. Dear Technical Support Team, Currently, I am facing the issue that related to Binding settings for VIVE Trackers. When I make an application on my PC , I set up and save the binding setting for Vive Tracker as the figure below then it is working. But when I run this application on other PCs then the pose of Vive tracker is rotated 180 degree. If I re-set up the binding setting again and save it on the PC then it will be working only one time. If I re-start the application and run again then the issue will be happened again. So, could you tell me the solution to fix this issue? Thank you so much! Best Regards,
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