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Found 10 results

  1. I installed SRanipal in UE4 and was able to move the character's expression morph target. However, when I recorded it using TakeRecorder, the expression morph target was not recorded as a sequence! Only the eye movements were recorded. Can you please tell me how to record the morph targets?
  2. Hey all, was working with the model they include with the SDK, but it wasn't rigged to the UE4 Skeleton so I fixed that https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vi83X3pziugJQZZvGWPZ6tX0csrEUrMp/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! Please reply to thread with cool stuff if you use it
  3. Hi, Recently I've been needing to find the local address (think IP or similar) for the eye tracker in the HMD to extract or write data gathered there direct to an application that relies on R for data processing. Is there a host address for the eye tracker presently that I can call in the SRanipal SDK?
  4. I get compile error with SRWorks 0.9.3 I use Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition on Windows 10 Pro Build 2004, Nvidia GTX 1070 and Vive Cosmos. All drivers are installed. I created an UE4.25 C++ project and move plugins folder to the project's root. After that, I opened .sln file and build solution with UnrealVS (just like Vive Hands SDK) but I got compile error. I can not even open project file. This error also shows up if I just try to open uproject file. I also tried sample project and result was same. But I can use Vive Hands without any problem. So I dont think there is a problem with my configuration. In another topic, I read that there will be a new SRWorks version in the of this month. Will UE 4.25 get support ? @MariosBikos_HTC
  5. Hi all, I am trying to handle multiple Input events from 4+ Vive Trackers in our UE4 Sim but am unable to do more than 2 and the 2 I get don't come with a signature just passing a generic trigger event. I saw that VIU does handle what I need but it is only for Unity. Any possibility of porting to UE4 or is there a UE4 solution related to VIU? This is for a large project and am open to any help, Thanks @MariosBikos_HTC @chengnay
  6. Hello, I experimenting with the ue4 eyetracking demo. I wanted to use my custom avatar but, as soon as I swap it to my mesh instead of the demo one, the rotation of the eyes seem to be very off (on runtime). I set up joints and mesh in the same way the demo head is. Pivots are in the same position. Demo head is working fine. Anyone know what might cause that? Thanks!
  7. Tell me please. By what method can I open my additional content. I can’t add anything to a static function. https://developer.vive.com/resources/documentation/viveport-sdk/apis/drm-api/sample-code/unreal/ @MariosBikos_HTC
  8. Hello HTC Engineers and devs, We are considering developing for the Focus + with the Wave SDK and had some questions we were hoping to get some advice on! 1) Engine version. Our title is built with UE4.21.2 We don't plan to upgrade the engine in the near future. We are wondering if the WaveSDK for UE4.21.2 is still able to be used, or an UE4 engine update is required? 2) SceneCapture2D. We use the SceneCapture2D a lot with our title (on Oculus Quest) and we've seen this WaveSDK forum thread from around 3 months ago: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6552-can-not-use-scenecapture2d-with-multiview-and-multiviewdirect/ We are wondering if this is still a known issue or it's been fixed. We had a similar issue with the Oculus Quest SDK too but had a fix. 3) Performance. When testing out some free games from the store, and when just using the Focus+ dashboard / store environment with no other apps running, there seems to be a lot of performance issues - Low frame rate, juddering, etc. Does the WaveSDK have Fixed Foveated Rendering to improve performance? I can't see it in the docs, but did see it mentioned in the forums. For reference, the current OS firmware we are using is: 2.04.623.2 4) Platform features like Leaderboards and Achievements. I quickly searched through the SDK docs but couldn't find anything regarding this. Does the UE4 SDK support leaderboards and achievements? 5) Tracking. When moving the controllers around, the tracking does not appear close to 1.1. We've seen a thread on the forum about drawing a figure-8 pattern and we will attempt that today. We are wondering what the tracking latency is for the controllers when working correctly. Thanks for reading and we'd appreciate any thoughts on the above. @Cotta
  9. Hello, Recently I`ve been trying to set up the UE4 SRWorks plugin and run an example project. I did everything according to the instruction. Hotkey functions are all working well except the scanning function. When I press the Z key UE4 immediately crashes. I get it that there is a problem that array index out of bounds exception but why? I did not alter any code or smth, just installed the plugin according to the instruction. Has anybody ever encountered a similar problem? @Dario @Daniel_Y
  10. Hi, dear community. i can't packaging my project correctly when i check “for distribution” in my project settings. here is my dev environment: installed android sdk as normal (nothing wrongs here.) ndk: 16b win10 pro 1903 Unreal Engine 4.22.3 Wave_3.1.4_unreal sdk. jdk: jdk1.8.0_77 here is the description of my problem: I have successfully prepared the Android development environment according to the document description (I can guarantee that this part has no problems at all, because I can successfully package normal Android projects), but as long as I enable the wavevr plug-in in in the UE4 project and check "for distribution" in the packaging settings, I cannot package. The error comes from a library called "mockito". If I enable the wavevr plug-in and uncheck "for distribution", then I can package normally. I reproduced this problem in a blank project ( with wavesdk enabled), the sample project you provided, and our own project. steps to reproduces: 1. Install Android SDK, NDK, JDK 2. Create a blank blueprint project and fill in the path of SDK, NDK and JDK in Android SDK under project settings. 3. Fill in the relevant information in the extra settings for < Application > section under advancedapkpackaging 4. Create a blank map called NewMap and save it under content. 5. Copy the WVR folder to the engine path, and copy wavevr to plugins / wavevr under my project. At the same time, enable the wavesdk plug-in in UE4, and disable oculusvr and steamvr at the same time. 6. generate apk keystore and config it. 7. Check "for distribution" under packaging settings 8. Hit packaging. What i expected: The package should be successful and a signed APK should be generated What i Got: Conclusion: It seems that this kind of error cannot be solved on my own. I hope you can check this problem. I have provided a complete log and a project that can reproduce this bug. FullLog.txt Thanks.
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