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  1. Hello everyone, looking for some help with an error I have been getting lately. The vive console software gives me a "Error 210: The compositor was disconnected. Restart vive console to fix this." To preface, I will go ahead and list my pc specs as well as some troubleshooting steps I have taken so far. I have looked at several threads on this forum for the same issue but no fixes I have found in those have fixed the issue for me. PC specs: CPU- Ryzen 7 3800x. GPU - RTX 3080 10GB. 32gbs of DDR4 memory. Windows 10 64-bit. Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset. Also, I dont know if
  2. My Vive Cosmos Elite works flawlessly on my desktop. On my laptop, however, I don't get any video through the headset. The motion tracking works just fine, and I'm up to date on all my drivers. All the ports I've used for VR go directly to the RTX 2080, I haven't used the others at all. I don't have a Mini DisplayPort, but I do have a USB-C port, USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port. I can't stand the UI on that site, and the specs weren't helpful for what ports are actually hooked up to the RTX 2080; I made this diagram to help you out. In terms of trial and error, I've tried an Insignia
  3. Hi! I have been having frame drops (or sluttering, idk if this term is correct) when moving while using the VIVE. I don think that my setup is the problem: Windwos 10 Pro 1903 18362.1082 AMD Ryzen 5 3600X AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT (Sapphire PULSE) 500 gb nvme. 32 gb 3600 MHZ. X570 Aorus Elite WiFi MB. I have been having this issue with every game I own, for example: Alyx, BeatSaber, Creed, Pistol Whip, etc. I have been testing on the Orange Room of VR Mark and I only have frecuent spikes in frame time when I am moving around, but when I leave the headse
  4. I got my vive a couple of months ago and I had it working fine with my laptop (alienware m15) and I booted it up yesterday and it was incredibly laggy. The ms was hitting 111ms at its high and then swinging back down to 6. I shut everything down and tried again and it would work for one song of Beat Sabre and then just start lagging again. I don't really know what the issue could be... Alienware m15 Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz 16gb of RAM Windows 10 intel(r) uhd graphics 630
  5. Hello, I purchased Vive Cosmos about a week ago. All of my previous HMDs were Oculus, so I had some initial minor setbacks with steam vr, attempitng to use revive, etc. My main issue with the headset now though is the tracking. I get regular warnings, "Your environment is dark" and "learn how to improve your tracking" etc, and my main issues with the tracking are: 1. My hands seem to jigger, shake and change position constantly. Especially visible in Blade and Sorcery, I put the controller at arms length in front of me, and the hands and arms change position slightly every second or
  6. I purchased my COSMOS Elite a couple of days ago and it arrived yesterday. It says I should have gotten a code for ALYX inside the box. I did use the Viveport Code that's on the blue cover card when you open the box, and I was looking around on other forum posts trying to see how to get the game. I've seen others keep getting told by support that the code in the box give the Infinity unlock as well as ALYX, but that isn't true. It seems like some individuals are having luck posting in the forums, so here we are. I can provide any proof/information as requested.
  7. Hello folks, I am running into a problem interfacing with the OpenVR SDK when using two trackers with one controller. Specifically, the IVRCompositor::WaitGetPoses( ) function will sometimes return incorrectly transformed matrices to my C++ application. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a problem like this before, or if there is a known solution. The scenario: I place two VIVE trackers about 1 foot apart from one another, facing the same direction. I would expected that the matrices of each tracker (stored in TrackedDevicePose_t -> mDeviceToAbsoluteTracking) will be very s
  8. I've been waiting for it to be back in stock for the past few weeks now, and i'm starting to second guess myself. Is the Deluxe audio strap out of stock? if not, whats happening that's making it out of stock for this long?
  9. One thing I haven't noticed other users bringing up as much - is how much light leaks into the HMD! I am lucky to see any at all on my original Vive - but on Cosmos light leaks from below where the rubber flap is meant to conform to users nose(?) I guess that's what it is meant for. Light leaks in through there from beneath...doesn't on Vive. From top it seems to leak right in onto the LENS?!? how did that get missed? it somehow comes in from behind if there is a light source above and behind you from something like ANY ceiling light you might be standing under or behind you. Has anyone mitiga
  10. My battery will charge correctly and completely with the blinking lights when charging, when I go to use it after only a few minutes of use it cuts the power to the vive and the lights on the battery blink. The continue to blink (without being plugged into the charger or vive) for about 30 minutes to an hour at which point it seems to function normally, but after plugging it back into the vive begins to blink again. The only way to go back is to charge it again up to full then I get a little bit of time. Also sometimes when I leave it plugged in for a little while after it is done charging it
  11. I'm having a weird problem (googling showed me nothing)... Any game I start pops up some steam key binding "window(in vr)". I don't know how to use it, I didn't call it up, and it's stopping some games from working. I have no wands. When I close the game, my home shows the wands again. I'm clueless, and as I said. I can't find any help on google.
  12. To begin, i'm french with a bad English. I'm sorry if you have trouble for understand. Hi, I bought an htc vive on "Cdiscount" the October 17th and i did not have any code in the box of my vive. I can provide proof of purchase or photo of vive and the box. Thank you for your help. (i do not contact fr service, because it's been more than 1 mouth i'm trying, and i never have answer.)
  13. As title. I have owned my vive, for well over a year. And from day 1, on multiple machines,, I can only use VR once. Twice if i am lucky, And no more vr untill I reboot. If i turn off vr, and switch on later, I am lucky if i get past grey screen. If I am lucy, steam loads, but if I call up the dashboard, the screen (hmd) goes grey. Thats it until i reboot the pc (rebooting). Today I spent half hour trying to get vr running. I gave up. All drivers and windows are up to date.
  14. Just wondering, but why can't you excatally put the vive graphics cards and processor in the actual headset itself. Why can't you just store the program on the computer and put the graphics card and processor in the headset itself.
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