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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've got a Vive Cosmos Elite that I bought back in March. I had been using it absolutely fine until about the end of June when it just stopped working. After procrastinating about a week I finally contacted support about it. After spending more than 3 hours troubleshooting my PC, things like drivers and installations, the guy on support concluded it was a failure from the Link Box. He then told me they could replace it under my warranty but it would take a week for them to get stock. I checked back a week later, it was early July at this point, and they told me I'd have to wait again, a month this time. I didn't want to wait that long at all so I decided to just buy it myself (from the Vive store). Once I got the new link box cable I plugged it in and everything worked perfectly. 2 days in it stopped working again. Again I contacted support and asked if they could replace it, was told they could replace the one I purchased but not the one under my warranty. Anyways, I went through with the return process and got my replacement today. I was happy to see it worked again, but I didn't get my hopes up. Sure enough, yet again, in the middle of me playing a game the headset powers down. No connection. Same as last time. At this point I'm wholeheartedly convinced it's my hardware causing the issue; something has to be causing the link box to stop working. I would like to figure out what the hell is up so I can continue playing with no worries. I'll attach a .txt that includes my hardware information (though I'll probably miss something necessary). I sincerely hope a solution can be found. Thanks. PC info.txt
  2. Hello there! So my current Link Box Power cable works bad and i'm looking for a new one. I couldn't find any on the HTC site. Then i searched around for a bit till i saw a reddit post with the Link Box power cable specifications. I started looking for the right cable but i couldn't find any. Where do i find the correct cable? (European power plug) Thanks!
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