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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I want to be developer of HTC VIVE product. However ı haven't made a decision yet. Which one is bettter? HTC VIVE PRO or HTC VIVE COSMOS? In addition to all SDK's shared by HTC, does it apply to all products? Best Regards.
  2. Hi everyone, The last week i bought a HTC Vive Focus plus with the Vive Entreprise Advantage for Focus Plus. To test it, i download on unity the WaveVr SDK with Samples scenes, but i can not build or export this example on my HTC Vive Focus Plus. Can you help me solve this problem please? @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  3. I ordered my HTC Vive on Friday 16th of August 2019 and I got an order confirmation email. It says my order should be shipped within 3 working days. It's now Tuesday (20/08/2019) so shouldn't I have a dispatch email by now? I'm in the UK if that helps. I just would like to know about my order and where it is. Thanks.
  4. I can't find anything on this so far. My Vive Pro has been rock solid, and then starting last night, having this issue; Start SteamVR, and it says the headset is tracking and looks ok, drivers up to date. Lenses are black, but then flash white 3 times, and go black again. I tried re-plugging in cables, different video port on video card, rebooted windows, restart Steam, hitting the button on the left side of the HMD - no change. However, if I let the headset sit, it does go into standby mode. If I leave it alone for a few minutes, suddenly the headset just turns on, stops flashing, and works as normal. I turn off SteamVR, turn it back on, it goes back to flashing white 3 times in a row, and I have to wait a few minutes for the lenses to come on and work again. Anyone have a clue on this? It's a 3 flash pattern every time, which must have a meaning? -Windows 10, full updates. -GTX1080ti, patched to current drivers. -Full Vive Pro setup, including the 2.0 controllers and lighthouses. My original standard Vive never did this in the 2 years I had it. I don't know if the Pro HMD is going out, if it's needing time to warm up, a driver issue, etc.
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