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Found 4 results

  1. We have recently bought the new Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset, along with limited time bundle. The bundle included Half Life: Alyx PLUS with 6 months of Viveport Infinity. When setting up, we were given the choice: six months Viveport Infinity or Half Life: Alyx. Out of instinct we, chose Infinity and proceeded to the checkout. After having a lot of fun with the new headset, we decided to try to get Half Life: Alyx as well. We searched for the redemption code (not the code on the blue sheet on the top of the Cosmos Elite box), found it and pasted it into the Steam product redemption part, it ended up not working, even though it clearly stated on the bundle offer that you were to get Half Life: Alyx PLUS the 6 months VIveport Infinity. So, the question we have is: does the bundle offer a choice of the two things (even though it says you get both on the vive website) or can you obtain both and we are just doing it wrong/ our code isn't working. I hope support sees this because the code only works until June or July and if so, thank you. , Internettoast
  2. I purchased my COSMOS Elite a couple of days ago and it arrived yesterday. It says I should have gotten a code for ALYX inside the box. I did use the Viveport Code that's on the blue cover card when you open the box, and I was looking around on other forum posts trying to see how to get the game. I've seen others keep getting told by support that the code in the box give the Infinity unlock as well as ALYX, but that isn't true. It seems like some individuals are having luck posting in the forums, so here we are. I can provide any proof/information as requested. Thanks!
  3. Similar problem to: Got my vive cosmos elite, and after fixing various technical problems, it now works excellently. I am very much enjoying the headset. However, when I went to redeem my code (the one in the box, in the same spot as photographed in the linked thread ^) there were 3 options. One for just alyx, one for just viveport infinity subscription, and one for both. Obviously, I clicked both because why not (free stuff right?), anddd only viveport subscription appears in my account inventory. Apparently this seems to be a somewhat common problem, so I was like "okay, I'll just contact support". Thoroughly unhelpful. According to them, the code is "either or" despite HTC's own website (https://www.vive.com/us/promo-half-life-alyx/) saying "Get Half Life: Alyx with purchase. Plus 6-month VIVEPORT Infinity membership. Digital code included in box," and also the fact that there was a redeem option for both on their website for my code. If someone could help me who can actually help, I'd really appreciate it as they said I had to wait 7-10 business days for this to get passed along to someone who could (and the guy in the thread I linked got it resolved in less than a day).
  4. hy, guys I wanted to share with you my feelings after 6 hours of play ....AMAZING ! no tracking problem with the htc cosmos controllers, the aim is very correct, the only negative point is the use of the left hand with the torch that cannot be placed on the top of the right hand, there has some dropout happening. For those who have it, what graphic options did you select in steam ? and in the game ?
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