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  1. Hi @ All! Maybe im a little wrong here in a "developer" forum but the whole reddit vr community couldnt answere this question (or just didnt wanted to) I tried some days now to get someone with the knowledge, even tried the vive support but they dont support modifications. Maybe this Forum can finaly help me to answere this discussion. I posted this already in Vive https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/hz1wxr/can_you_use_a_2nd_htc_vive_headset_with/ and SteamVr https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamVR/comments/hzfxmr/can_you_use_a_2nd_htc_vive_headset_with/ Original Post: "I currently have a 2nd Headset because it was cheaper to get a used Headset with controllers then buying a new controller to replace my broken one (some Button doesnt work anymore). Got it for 100€ because the base stations are missing. Now i had the idea that maaaaybe i can use somehow the 2nd Headset to track the 3 missing trackingpoints for fullbody. I mean its possible to use controllers as trackers so maybe its even possible to use a 2nd Headset for that. Right?" Points we already know from the Reddit discussion: - We can use the HMD to convert 2 Controllers to Trackers without USB Dongles - Technically it should be possible to make the HMD to a Tracker/Reciever but noone tried it before - We can at least use 3 Controllers with one headset if we use a USB cabel on the free USB slot on the headset to connect the 3th (or more) Controller. I personaly dont have coding skills to find it out myself but maybe this forum can help me and everyone with an old, not used anymore htc vive headset. Thx in advance for any answere you can give me.
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