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Found 4 results

  1. I'm working with Unity 20.19.4 and Vive Pro Eye and on Universal Pipeline (URP). Is there any way to enable foveated rendering on this configuration? The published asset only works on the old (built-in) pipeline. Thanks! @Corvus @Tony PH Lin
  2. In this post, I am going to show you how to integrate Variable Rate Shading (VRS) with your Unreal Engine project in order to enable Foveated Rendering using the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset. This article is going to focus on Unreal Engine. If you are using Unity instead of Unreal Engine then you can use the Vive Foveated Rendering plugin from the Unity Asset Store or the Github page. It is assumed that you’re somewhat familiar with Unreal Engine, C++ and Blueprints. Requirements HTC Vive Pro Eye headset VR Ready Quadro (Quadro Desktop: Quadro 4000 card and higher, Quadr
  3. We realise how important it is for the development community to have easy-to-use tools that improve content performance. We recently released the new update of Wave SDK 3.1.94 [Early Access] with several Experimental Features for developers who create content for standalone VR headsets of the Wave Ecosystem such as the Vive Focus Plus and Vive Focus. In this update, we introduced changes to the Adaptive Quality feature, which can help to automatically adjust the rendering quality of your VR application according to the system workload in order to achieve better performance and improve battery
  4. To All, Here is the patch if you have encountered the issue that Foveated Rendering doesn't work when using IL2CPP builds. Attached the patch file. Modify the 2 files(Assets/WaveVR/Platform/WVR_Android.cs, Assets/WaveVR/Platform/wvr.cs b/plugin/Assets/WaveVR/Platform/wvr.cs). --- a/plugin/Assets/WaveVR/Platform/WVR_Android.cs +++ b/plugin/Assets/WaveVR/Platform/WVR_Android.cs @@ -520,8 +520,8 @@ public class WVR_Android : wvr.Interop.WVR_Base } [DllImportAttribute("wvr_api", EntryPoint = "WVR_PreRenderEye", Ca
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