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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I have started to work on a game project involving hand-tracking for Android phones. Here it is stated that any device with dual camera should be able to detect a 3D position of the hand. However, I have tried some demo app with my Huawei P20 Pro and the 3D position of the hand seems to always be in the plane that is 25cm in front of the camera. Is there something I might have done wrong, or 3D tracking is not yet possible on my phone? Thanks! 😄
  2. 我使用Unity2017.4,我原本使用 2.0.23版本的SDK,升级到2.0.37之后使用投屏演示开发的项目,就没有双眼模式了,只有单眼。因为我们所开发的项目在左右眼的图像上会有差异,我们想在给客户展示项目的时候能展示这些差异信息,因此需要双眼模式。我们尝试修改代码,以及使用更高的SDK,但还是不能解决这个问题,请问我该如何做? How to present two camera image when using Miracast rather than single image, Using SDK 2.0.37 or higher can not solve this problem. @Cotta
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