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Found 2 results

  1. Apologies if this is a repetitive topic. I don't mind waiting a bit more for patches, but i'm stuck with a Cosmos that i cannot return (store wont accept refund unless it's a glaring defect.). Hands on the side - drift. Hands behind my back - drift. Controllers near my face - drift. Controllers behind each other - drift It seems like a hardware issue, doesn't it? There's only so much you can do without external tracking, right? As much as i'd love to be hopeful, i think it's just starting to get to me. I feel immensely frustrated and now i'm just sitting here wondering if i'm in denial or something. I just refunded a boxing game because the tracking kept glitching out. I can't think of a shooter because apparently you can't aim with 2 hands without the farther controller drifting away. If it's all software, then exactly what kind of realistic solution is there to fix this? Consider that the headset tracks the controller based on the light, then how exactly will it ever correctly see a controller that's blocked off by another one? let alone behind your back. I can't help but feel that i just screwed myself over big time, and that getting all this fixed would be nothing short of a miracle too far into the distance.
  2. Went to beta release last night to check and see if the tracking is improved, can confirm it is not! The headset will not track my hands when playing boxing games, the boxing gloves drift in front of my vision obscuring what I can see. The tracking is also way too slow, when the HMD looses tracking of the controller often times when it reorients the gloves it's too slow and I miss my target. There is also too much drift in this HMD device, this is especially noticeable when playing games and standing still. Both the controllers and the HMD drift when standing still. Coming from the original Vive I know what is possible, this is a terrible state to be in, hire somebody if you can't figure this out.
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