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Found 40 results

  1. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 31st 2020 [Tracking] Controller Improved controller tracking for better sniper stance accuracy
  2. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 27th 2020 [Tracking] Controller Overall reduction in controller jitter, improving precise movements in e.g. Angry Birds and Tilt Brush [Vive Console] Added a troubleshooting link to help improve tracking environment [Room Setup] Updated hint strings for tracking notifications Updated “Pull and hold trigger” string in Japanese [Origin] Added a new introduction video for first time users during setup or when relaunching the Tutorial
  3. Is anyone else wondering why existing Vive cosmos owners can't buy an elite upgrade kit? The face plate is removable. With all the issues current Vive cosmos owners have, I.E. can't play archery games due to bad tracking, a lot of games not liking the cosmos so vast compatibility issues, etc. I have deformed hands from a disability at birth, can't use the existing Vive Cosmos controllers hardly at all. I'd love an upgrade kit where i can use the older Vive controllers! Is there any info on this? Anyone else feel a little raw about HTC's disregard for existing Vive cosmos owners? @C.T. @stvnxu
  4. Hello, I have Vive Cosmos kit. When I am in viveport vr my controller is pointing too much towards the sky like this I would have a controller of vive pro controler. How do I make the laser point more on the horizon? PTL
  5. VIVE Cosmos – Public Release Notes Released March 3rd 2020 [Tracking] HMD Reduced HMD movement jitter Controller Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR [Runtime] Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) – Forum Issue Link Fixed a memory leak bug that would build up over time [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs
  6. Hi, We would like to create an AR/XR experience where individuals can play a soccer game in their real environment. So basically we would place a 360 camera on the head of the player and track his/her feet and hands with VIVE Trackers and create a virtual ball and goal. To minimize latency, we would like to upload directly the video signal that comes from the 360 camera to the headset, so we opted out streaming services. Could anyone please advice us if there is already a solution for this, or even where to start? Thank you! @Jad
  7. I see now that the Cosmos Elite package is for sale which is the cosmos, faceplate, base stations and controllers. Where is the option to buy a stand alone tracking faceplate for those of us who were early adopters of the Cosmos?
  8. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released February 26th, 2020 [Tracking] HMD Reduced HMD movement Jitter Controller Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR [Runtime] Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) Forum Issue Link Fixed a memory leak bug that build up over time
  9. I was thinking about how much of a contributing factor the play area lighting, dimension and environment is to the overall tracking experience. It is likely the biggest factor from person-to-person in how well tracking performs. I believe I've seen some basic guidelines - well-lit (not under or over lit), clear differentiation between walls and floors, presence of some defining features. Is that as far it goes? I would be curious to know how many people bought the Cosmos, had a room that was slightly too bright or dim, and then assumed it was never going to track properly. It would be great if we had some type of specific guidelines (best light color temperature, bulb type, best possible brightness), or even better a utility to help Cosmos owners optimize their play area conditions, thus improving tracking. I've seen both sides of how it is detrimental, too dark and it doesn't see nearly enough, too bright and it washes out the contrast of the light rings. There are warnings in place that notify if the light is too high or too low, but finding the lighting "sweet-spot" is simply trial and error at this point. Just a thought!
  10. Hi, Do you recommend any alternative powerbanks with higher capacity of the Cosmos? For example, will the Xtorm Rover XB302 work by using an usb-c -> usb-a cable? thank you!
  11. Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a few weeks and figured it would be worth getting into the conversation. I guess I was looking to get in touch with other Cosmos owners and get a feel for where everyone was at. Reading some of the recent beta posts and news regarding "new" versions of Cosmos obviously has some of us feeling a little shaken up. I'm an early adopter of the Cosmos. Pre-ordered before anyone had released reviews or impressions on it. It was the breath of fresh air I was waiting for in the VR world, as other HMD's just seemed to be slight improvements or variations of each other - Cosmos was one of the first in my mind to attempt breaking the mold and trying something new. After receiving it at launch I was a little worried. My play area is in a basement bedroom and gets little to no natural light. Off the hop it wouldn't work given the low light but I was undeterred, installing new lights and modifying the space. The visuals were amazing, the HMD fit great, games became playable but tracking was clearly lacking. Any form of shooting game that required the use of two hands was not happening. From release up until now I have seen a lot of improvement to the tracking. At the time of writing this I can actually shoot a bow or rifle with both hands, with the controllers only occasionally losing position or jumping slightly if I'm completely still. I own games that were relatively unplayable in the beginning and now I'm having little to no trouble playing H3VR, Boneworks, Sairento, Blade & Sorcery and so on. Just wanted to thank the dev team for their work so far, and to keep refining and improving the experience. I have zero issues with the Cosmos aside from controllers getting jumpy and occasionally missing a long range shot or two. If we keep seeing continual improvement I imagine a lot more people will be standing by HTC inside-out tech. Throwing more money at my system for a tracking upgrade isn't ideal at all. TLDR; Cosmos tracking was awful at launch, I've seen tracking improve a great deal since then. Will be standing by for more updates. Will not be spending an arm and leg for SteamVR Faceplate + 2x Basestation + 2x Vive Controller. First post! (Shoutout to my fave contributors on here - A-Jey, I'm loving your optimism and ride-or-die Cosmos mentality, you've inspired me to stick with the Cosmos on this journey, buying a different VR or spending more isn't an option. And TomCgcmfc, you are a true realist and I agree attention needs to be brought to the Cosmos' shortcomings, the pricepoint of it was no joke and we deserve to feel fully satisfied with the purchase.) @C.T. @stvnxu
  12. Hi all ! You can read all sorts of contradictory information on the internet. Is the Cosmos optimal for playing Beat Saber, especially tracking ? And the weight of the controllers ? I have pre-ordered the Cosmos, but I'm getting a little scared. T_T @stvnxu
  13. Hey, I have seen almost nothing for information on this issue, so I thought I would just start a thread on it. I purchased the Cosmos probably around late January. I've absolutely loved the product, despite a lot of negative things I hear. Running the beta software, the tracking is awesome. I still can't wait to expand on my VR rig with the external tracking faceplate and Index Controllers, but I think the Cosmos controllers are significantly better to use than the original Vive controllers. Anyways, I've been using my headset quite a bit in the last month and it's always been solid. Suddenly, after about 10 minutes into a session and about a month of use on the headset, my link box fails. Display goes dark, green light on the Vive Pro style link box goes dark, and there's nothing I can do to get it going again. I was pretty quick to diagnose it as the link box, considering that it should display a green light as long as the AC power is present regardless of being connected to a computer or headset. All my internet research turned up "Just bypass the link box" but this isn't the Vive Original, and it has a single proprietary cable to the headset. Another interesting piece to this ordeal, was I bypassed the warranty and went straight to baking the PCB in the oven. When I opened it up, I saw absolutely no indication of damage. Nothing was burnt, all of the solder looked solid, and the only thing I was able to come up with was that some chip failed. My oven reflow attempt was fruitless, all I managed to do was make my kitchen smell a little weird. I do much prefer the new style converter box and it's "always on" design without a power button, because in my opinion buttons and switches are just another point for failure. I purchased the new "Converter" style box, and that works fine. It is significantly smaller, so I'm hoping there's fewer components capable of failing. To sum up my actual question, how many people have seen this or something like this with the Vive Pro style Link Box, or even the Converter style link box?
  14. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released January 17th2020 [Tracking] Controller Optimized controller pose tracking [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs (Thanks to @Mr.Killjoy) [Origin] Added Chinese New Year decorations
  15. Having a Cosmos for demos and development, evaluating the options for hand tracking with these questions 1) read somewhere the APIs for Cosmos are different from the one for Pro, but didn't find any specific reference for Cosmos in the API documentation. It's true, or I'm wrong. 2) I'm interested to integrate this in applications developed on Unigine. Can I expect a engine level integration, or I will need to ask developers to re-integrate hand tracking support at every engine release or every new application. Let's say how complicated is to create a new engine specific plugin. 3) Related to previous question, if will be possible to just emulate the controllers behavior, since we didn't need complex interactions. 4) will be possible to integrate Leap Motion, if this will guarantee a more stable controller emulation experience
  16. VIVE Cosmos – Release Notes Released January 6th 2020 [Controller - Firmware] Fine-tuned the battery level indication to have better accuracy with more rechargeable battery brands. [Controller - Tracking] Solved the specific tracking pose lock problem for boxing style movements and archery style interactions. Improved tracking of controller movement when adjacent to sides of the hip Improved tracking of controller when visually occluded by the arm Improved forehand full arm swing Improved tracking of the under-side of the controller Improved rifle stance tracking for better user experience [Vive Runtime] Optimized IPD pop up timing to avoid blocking the VR game. Now reports VR Headset audio device to OpenVR. Improved frame rate control timing for optimized frame rate. [Vive Console] Solved an issue where in a very specific situation, the HMD firmware update could be interrupted by a software update. [OOBE & Room Setup] Supports multiple languages for EULA and Privacy Policy. Next Update (Middle January Beta) Plan to support the ability to manually set the orientation of the play area. Keep improving rifle stance tracking.
  17. pre ordered vive cosmos to get 12 months Viveport infinity but no code in the box. Now getting the run around. retailer says talk to htc vive, vive say talk to retailer. complete pain
  18. Hi folks ! When I run Room setup and pull triggers, i need to scan my surroundings. My problem is that "Scanning" is stuck at 0% no matter where i look. It happened after last update (approx 2 hours ago) and I can't continue. Help me please
  19. I received the Cosmos on Friday, set it up and played a few hours with it and everything went perfectly. Yesterday, I went to use it but couldn't get the cosmos to track at all. Its almost as if the cameras wont turn on. Doing room setup just shows a black screen behind the instructions and if I follow instructions it gets to the scanning phase and then stays there at 0%. While Room Setup is running SteamVR says headset and controllers are tracking but when room setup isn't running they flash not tracking. On the VIVE Console, they are always not tracking. I've tried the "reset headset and settings"and the "clear the environment information" options in troubleshooting multiple times. Ive tried rebooting the PC, restarting Steam, restarting SteamVR and Vive Console, restarting the LInkbox, moving USB cables around. I'm probably just missing something simple but I don't know where to go from here. Any suggestions on how to fix this are welcome. @stvnxu
  20. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released December 20th 2019  [Controller] Fine-tuned the battery level indicator to cover general rechargeable batteries. (if you find any abnormal behavior on your batteries, please reply here with the brand and model of your battery "link preferred") [Tracking] Controller Solved the specific tracking pose lock problem for boxing style movements and archery game playing [Vive Runtime] Improved stability for Performance Priority Mode on AMD graphic cards. Optimize IPD show up timing to avoid blocking the VR game Reported VR Headset audio device to OpenVR Improved frame rate control timing for optimize frame rate [Vive Console] Solved the specific case for HMD firmware update was interrupted by software update [OOBE & Room Setup] Support the multiple language EULA and Privacy URL [Origin] Added Christmas decorations
  21. Compatibility and connection MiniDisplayPort problem (on an MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF) Hello, I have a problem, it is impossible to connect my cosmos to my laptop pc with a DP to MiniDP adapter, (my laptop pc only has the connection). Unable to use, the headset is in "standby" with an error message: "220: The DisplayPort connection has a compatibility problem (HDCP error).", But sometimes also a message "006: The DisplayPort connection n 'is not stable ". I can't find the problem I updated everything (USB drivers and graphics drivers). My adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Rankie-Adaptateur-Mini-DisplayPort-vers/dp/B00YOVKWQS/ref=sr_1_7?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=DP+mini+dp&qid=1576944113&sr=8-7 I also tried with a MiniDP to MiniDP cable but it did not work either, but it was not 4K certified so I thought the problem came from there but it is apparently not the case ... I ask you suddenly your help because I really do not know how to make it work on my laptop (also, my cosmos works on a desktop computer). Thanks for reading and trying to help me! I am French (this explains my writing)
  22. IVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released December 2nd2019  [Tracking] HMD Improved the dynamic jitter UX Refined the tracking indication timing during room setup Controller Improved tracking of punching movement in boxing games Optimized tracking of throwing actions [Runtime] Fixed IPD display no showing up during tracking indication Fixed GPU memory leak [Vive Console] (BETA) Added support for “Performance Priority mode” in Settings/Video to improve headset display experience Rename executable file to prevent a bug where “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” wouldn't run due to a filename keyword filter. [Room Setup] Updated localization strings for resetting room setup and adjusting the headphone position.
  23. Is there a way to get access to the exterior comos headset model/cad? I would like to change the removeable facemask shape/material (between lenses and face). I would also like to create custom add-ons to replace the face mask with the cameras. Creating potential use in different tracking environments other than the inside-out and lighthouse tracking. Perhaps using the USB interface or if it's accessible enough the proprietary connection. This would so be for research/personal use. Any help on the best direction to take would be helpful. Thanks
  24. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released November 26th 2019  [System] Improved system stability for use over longer durations. [Tracking] Controller Optimized tracking trajectory for boxing style movements and archery games. Support simultaneous movement of occluded and non-occluded controller within the headset's field of view. [Vive Runtime] Added fallback controller type, support added from SteamVR Beta 1.9.4 onwards. [Vive Console] Solved a bug where the HMD firmware update might be interrupted during a software update. Synced camera pass-through settings with Lens. [OOBE & Room Setup] The how to wear the headset video now lets the user know they don't need to take off their glasses. Room setup can be triggered when in an untracked state by a long trigger press for 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds). Improved the OOBE flow when requesting a GPU driver update.
  25. VIVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released 30th October 2019 [Tracking] - HMD Reduced tracking jitter when using VIVE Wireless Adapter. Fixed a bug where the too bright/low light toast notification wouldn’t show up. - Controller Improved near-HMD tracking jitter. [Room Setup] - Updated the environment UI around the animations for the room scanning step. - Fixed the null button UI bug for Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean and Japan languages. [ViveVR Runtime] - Origin no longer is forced as the default home environment. - Added Non-HDCP HMD error message, a bug affecting certain laptops with an Nvidia GPU, now separately reported as Error Code 220 (previously aggregated with Error Code 210). - Updated low light notification strings for Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish languages.
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