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Found 7 results

  1. Is anyone else wondering why existing Vive cosmos owners can't buy an elite upgrade kit? The face plate is removable. With all the issues current Vive cosmos owners have, I.E. can't play archery games due to bad tracking, a lot of games not liking the cosmos so vast compatibility issues, etc. I have deformed hands from a disability at birth, can't use the existing Vive Cosmos controllers hardly at all. I'd love an upgrade kit where i can use the older Vive controllers! Is there any info on this? Anyone else feel a little raw about HTC's disregard for existing Vive cosmos owners?
  2. 1: I bought a cosmos with its included controls. I find the tracking to be so-so, if I buy the faceplate and 2x HTC Vive Base Station 2.0 (or the "normal" base station) can I still use the vive controllers or do I need to get different controllers aswell? Can I expect significant tracking improvement? 2: I have a spare room that would be ideal to set aside for vr, but I do not wish to move my computer or resort to wireless, is there any official or third party extention cable available that will give me another 5-10 meters? 3: I was unable to get the unit working on windows 7 and had
  3. Hi all. Has anyone tried full body tracking with the Microsoft Kinect and the base Cosmos configuration with optical controller tracking? I have old Xbox One Kinect sitting around that I only use to pause Videos when my hands are full so I thought I might re-purpose it for use in VR. I'll probably give it a try anyway but I thought maybe someone had tried it and could chime in on whether it was worth the effort or not? Cheers! Fink
  4. I see now that the Cosmos Elite package is for sale which is the cosmos, faceplate, base stations and controllers. Where is the option to buy a stand alone tracking faceplate for those of us who were early adopters of the Cosmos?
  5. Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a few weeks and figured it would be worth getting into the conversation. I guess I was looking to get in touch with other Cosmos owners and get a feel for where everyone was at. Reading some of the recent beta posts and news regarding "new" versions of Cosmos obviously has some of us feeling a little shaken up. I'm an early adopter of the Cosmos. Pre-ordered before anyone had released reviews or impressions on it. It was the breath of fresh air I was waiting for in the VR world, as other HMD's just seemed to be slight improvements or var
  6. Hi there. Will the Vive Cosmos get hand and finger tracking or is that out of scope for that particular piece of hardware? Also is there anything experimental that we can use at this time? Thanks Fink.
  7. Hi again. I have another question. I am curious as to how the engineers are approaching this issue with the controller instability? Are they approaching the problem by integrating the acceleration and Gyro sensor data from the controllers or are they just relying on the visual sensors? Due to the design a integrated approach would seem to be the best approach. Even after the last update they still fly around when close to the HMD visual sensors so clearly that path is not working and has obvious limitations. Also not everyone is in a position to setup external sensors in their e
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