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Found 7 results

  1. Hello,I'm using the new input system with Oculus XR Plugin and OpenXR Plugin. I set the XR plug-in management to use OpenXR and to have HTC Vive, Oculus Touch and Valve Index inputs.After a input action's save and a Play in Editor, the Vive Controller disappear from the Input Actions. The actions already linked are still here, but I can't add new OpenXR input type.I don't know if this is a known issue. Is there a correction for that ? Unity Version : 2020.2.2f1 manifest.json of the project : { "dependencies": { "com.unity.2d.sprite": "1.0.0", "com.unity.analytics": "3.5
  2. Hello, There is a bug in the Wave SDK for Unity with the material reflections from the skybox or from reflection probes. In the editor, the reflections appear correct, when viewed in stereo with a headset. The parallax of the reflections can be wrong depending on the axis the camera is facing : Reflections parallax is correct along +Z axis, but reversed along -Z axis and null along +/-X axis. With a correct parallax effect, the content of the reflections will appears to be behind the reflective object. But with a reversed parallax effect, the reflection will appear to be in
  3. ENGLISH : (sorry if there's some mistakes im french) Hi ! I bought an HTC Vive a long time ago (~2 years) and I was pretty happy about it, it worked well. I got some problem after like, 1 month of use, it started to do really weird things : one of the lenses was flashing and sometimes the video signal was disconnected for like 1~2 secs. Also, when the lenses were too much close from each other the video signal was disconnected. It was still working after this but after few days, the HTC Vive was not usable anymore. And the problem appeared : The HTC Vive wa
  4. Hi everyone , I bought Htc Vive Cosmos Yesterday. When i put the headset , I search in the menu (etc:Steam Library , Viveport) everthing is clean, but when I start a game ,I see in the headset the display/in game is LUMPY ! I write it down that way! You just see , when your arms moving (etc: Arizona Sunshine , Dirt rally 2.0) or some object is "pixelling" when you do nothing in the game , in the headset the game didn't "lag" just on the external monitor you see the game is lagging sometimes 40-90 FPS around , but in the headset randomly object "lumpy"... I tried every resol
  5. Hello folks, I am running into a problem interfacing with the OpenVR SDK when using two trackers with one controller. Specifically, the IVRCompositor::WaitGetPoses( ) function will sometimes return incorrectly transformed matrices to my C++ application. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a problem like this before, or if there is a known solution. The scenario: I place two VIVE trackers about 1 foot apart from one another, facing the same direction. I would expected that the matrices of each tracker (stored in TrackedDevicePose_t -> mDeviceToAbsoluteTracking) will be very s
  6. I've uninstalled Vive software 3 times now and re-downloaded it. When I launch the Vive console app it will say that I no longer have access to the "private test program" and will kick me out of the beta updates, forcing me to run with the official patches. So basically i'm being forced to be left behind. When I try to join the beta program from Settings>Advanced>Beta Program it says "activation code not valid". This has never happened before, and is yet just another thing on a growing list of things that are broken about this product. Contacted Vive support, nothing helpful beyond unins
  7. There is a bug in a clean install of the UE4 plugin. I get this error non-stop: WVRSimulator: Error: Failed to load Simulator library. This prevents me from packaging or launching the game @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
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