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Found 2 results

  1. Hello dear reader! (And VIVE Employees!) It has come to my attention that in the game Boneworks. The glitch of flying out of the map with a windy screen is not on the developers of the game, Stress Level Zero's fault. After I talked with developers of Boneworks, this glitch is not fixable on their part. Instead, it is on VIVEPORT'S part. For some reason the software of VIVEPORT wants to fling your character 10,000 meters away from the origin point where you respawn, thus causing you to go into an endless void with wind noises. A quote from one of the developer's was "the vive cosmos was reporting a starting location of (0, 0, 10,000) meaning the viveport tracking setup is bugged by ten thousand meters on the z axis". Apparently this problem is present because Boneworks uses a different style of tracking that is called skeletal system tracking (I think it has to do with the special physics of your character within the game). It has been the lack of compatibility on VIVEPORT's end with SteamVR, so in order to fix this problem, VIVEPORT just needs to update their system to accept this skeletal system tracking. Hopefully my explanation was good enough, I'm trying my best to explain the situation, but some concepts I may have not nailed one-hundred percent. Please correct me if needed. To the Employees at VIVE. Have you guys noticed this problem before, for the VIVE Cosmos? If so, how is the progress on the compatibility of this Skeletal System Tracking? Also here is my output log of the error. Hopefully this helps! output_log.txt
  2. I'm running the latest beta for Vive (and SteamVR) as well as the latest Nvidia drivers. Whenever I play certain games, I run in weird issues that I haven't really seen many others mention. For example, I'll be playing Boneworks and out of nowhere, my view will glitch and it'll be like I'm "stuck" under the map and I hear a sound almost as if the character's falling. I can't do anything but quit the game. Because of this, I'm still incredibly early on in the game (the lack of checkpoints doesn't help). I thought it was just Boneworks so I played some other games. This also happens in Doctor Who as well as Blade & Sorcery. I am using the wireless adapter and am wondering if that may be contributing to it. Haven't had a chance to switch back to wired. My PC an i7-8700k, an EVGA RTX 2080, and 16GB of RAM. I've tried the game on both HDD and SSD drives to no avail. I tried sending logs after the last crash in Boneworks but they failed to upload. Any suggestions on things to review/try? I haven't been able to play much at all lately since I can't make any progress without crashes. Thanks in advance!
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