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  1. I want to track a robot in an indoor room of 20*7m and want to put Htc Vive tracker 3.0 on it and use the basestation 2.0 to track the Robot .How can I make this work? Is vive a good idea? does any one knows the acccuracy of the product ??? Thank you
  2. Dear all, we recently acquired a Vive Pro with the Wireless Adapter and two Base Station 2.0. The setup went well, wired at first and then switching to wireless. The system for the most part works fine, both Base Stations are found and tracking works. Firmware was updated to the newest version as proposed by StreamVR via Bluetooth. However, I wanted to use the Standby feature via Bluetooth to turn off the Base Stations when not in use. In doing so I discovered that the system can only connect to one of the Base Stations, the other is showing an error and can't connect via Bluetooth.
  3. Hi! I just reached out the VIVE support service about the topic in the tittle, to be able to setup the base stations and the vive trackers without having to use the HMD. From what they told me its not possible to do that but they said that maybe there is a way. My purpose with this is to track the movement of a real object with the vive trackers and then save the data to simulate the movement in a virtual object. Apparently SteamVR won't be able to connect to those devices without the HMD but I found a way (link) to make the app think the HMD is connected and still can't make the rest of the d
  4. The base stations on my Vive had been working perfectly for about 2 months, and then randomly started becoming disconnected for about 15 seconds at a time before reconnecting. So you could be playing a game, then the screen would go gray. The Base Stations themselves would look fine: green light, correct letters, everything seeming solid, but the Steam VR interface would show them grayed out for a bit. Hovering over them gives the message "base station not detected." Then, after the short wait, the pop-up would change to "searching." and finally everything would be good for a while, until the
  5. One of my base stations currently has a red blinking light and one of the laser emitters (laser0) is not lit up. SteamVR log (vrserver.txt) is full of this message: "lighthouse: Base 5C564AE7 (modelid: 9) transmitting faults +laser0 (00000004)". I have tried power-cycling multiple times but it hasn't helped. The affected base station is not tracking (tested by occluding controller so that the working base station can't see it). Will I need to send the base station in for repairs? It is quite hot where I live, so maybe the base station simply overheated? I have attached the latest s
  6. Hello. Because of my room environment, I mounted the VIVE BaseStations(2.0 / 4ea) upside-down. So, the LEDs of basestations face to the floor Now. After the STEAMVR Room Calibration, only two of basestations seem to be in place in VR. The others seem to be connected to STEAMVR, but they are not in place in VR. Do I have to make sure to mount the basestations upright?
  7. Dear forum users, When i am playing my game my basestations keeps dissapering on the SteamVR menu, i tried it wired and wireless and i have the same problem. When it happends it says "Searching for HMD" and after 10 seconds it reconnects. Can anyone help me fix this?
  8. Hi, Hoping you guys can help me out. I’ve recently tried setting up my vive after a long hiatus and one of the base stations has trouble being recognized. Ive tried a variety of troubleshooting such as replacing and updating the firmware along with attempting the syncing cable but no luck. It didn’t blink red but I did notice one of them didn’t light up completely and the fan was spinning at a high speed. I’ve attached pictures of both. The one that’s currently working and the troubled one. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I've updated my Vive base stations when I first got it, and it worked completely fine. Ever since that first update in August of last year, updates NEVER work. There's always a new problem, hardware failure blinking lights that gets fixed when I roll back to original updates, the base station completely not turning on, etc. The worst part is that whenever I roll back, the tracking is terrible, constant grey screening. I can't stand it anymore. Why is it that NEW firmware updates completely break the product? Shouldn't the product keep improving with updates? I didn't expect this company to be
  10. Hello I have a full kit htc vive pro and I can not do the update because I have no button on the back and when I go in the settings to update the base station it says "Bluetooh signal from the interconnect box not detected. please check the connections of the interconnect box, then disconnect and reconnect the power supply to reset the box, and finally restart steamVR." I do not know it is station 2.0 of the live pro full kit so if you can help me and if possible I see blur because 1200 euro anyway.
  11. hi, i bought a htc vive cosmos elite and when i updated the accessories. My base station no longer works it no longer lights up and before it worked and the second works. I made a system report and it is written that someone can help me please Device 2 - 5A01AAM00029 Unknown device class vive_cosmos HTC Device Path: / devices / viveVR / 5A01AAM00029 Best Alias: Invalid Firmware: Hardware Revision:
  12. Hello Everyone! We are having issue trying to use the Vive headsets in a multi-user environment. We have been doing it succesfully in the past, but in our experience we have noticed that things get messed up whenever there are updates to SteamVR, firmware upgrades to headset, controllers, trackers etc. The HTC documentation is conflicting and unclear. For example, on their official website, it is stated that Vive/Vive Pro headsets can be used together in a multi-user environment and the only thing mentioned is that 2 base stations are required for a 5x5m area and 4 base stations
  13. Hello, i own a vive pro with 2 controllers 1.0 and 2 base stations 1.0. I would like to know if it is possible to add a 2.0 base station to better track my hmd in my seated zone ? I already know 2.0 cannot track 1.0 controllers, but this doesn’t matter for my setup, i only need the hmd to be tracked with the 2.0 base station. thanks for the answers 🙂 have a great day ! Fabien.
  14. When I was setting up my base stations one of them is vibrating quite loudly compared to the other one. This is a known issue as I have seen the other forum posts regarding this. The problem is Vive expects me to pay for shipping to their repair center for a problem they caused. What kind of customer service is this where I pay over $1,000 for a device and not only did you send me a broken device but you expect me to help pay for you to fix your mistake. This is a really terrible way to treat your customers Vive. @Synthesis
  15. Okay so I was playing my VR not to long ago and my screen went grey. Looked up at my base station and the red grid wasn't there anymore. Unplugged it and tried again like 15 mins later. Still nothing. I changed the setting from c to b and it worked. Went over to my other base station and switched it to c and now it's not working. a and b work but not c on both my base stations. It was just working fine and now c doesn't work? I don't understand why it's not working on either one of them? Edit: The base station I have set to c has a green light but the red grid is gone. @Vibran
  16. When i start playing the base station is fine, but after a while the base station starts to blink from the normal green light to blue and in game I either get the gray screen or my hands just start flying away from me and nothing works properly. This only started to happen after 4 months of use. Does anyone know if this is fixable? @VibrantNebula
  17. Hi everyone I am having problems with our VR Setup since we ordered the base stations 2.0. I know that our gear could be incompatible from this https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-pro/category_howto/which-vive-hardware-are-compatible-with-base-stations.html But I don't know how to determine what hardware versions we have. I created a system report with one Controller and one Tracker connected: For our game we use 4 Trackers + 4 Dongles For the room setup a Vive Controller. Thanks for your help! Device 2 - LHR-FFE59F44 Controller Vive. Controller MV HTC Device Pat
  18. I am looking at buying the Cosmos but I couldn't find a clear answer if the Cosmos can use base stations for tracking. Is this a current feature of the Cosmos or is it a planned feature? @Synthesis
  19. Hello, one of my basestation stopped working with Power Managment. Under 'Managed Base Stations' one of my stations has yellow triangle with exclamation point. SteamVR says "Connection failure. Click 'Refresh' to try again". Pressing that button didn't helps. Also tried restart PC, linkbox, SteamVR, basestation. @jagibson
  20. is it possible to use both BaseStation 2.0 and Wireless Adaptor at same time ? i want to use both because there is stuff can block tracking. is it possible?
  21. I got my Vive when it first came out in 2016. This issue first appeared when they pushed the update to show a red light on the base stations to signify errors. Only one of my base stations have this error. It wasn't too much of a problem when it first started out but now it can't track anywhere near as well as before. Since only one of the base stations is having this issue from the beginning even though I have treated both with much care I don't believe this is a problem caused by negligence. I would like to find a fix for this if possible. I have included the most recent photo of the error p
  22. I am having this repetitive issue as of late with one of my base stations in particular where it keeps switching from the standard green light to blue and will flash back and forth eventually causing the other base station to have a purple light. I will then get a message stating that I have a base station error and then the light will go out for the specific base station then both. I haven’t touched or moved my base stations it all and it was working fine last week yet now all of a sudden they aren’t working properly. I have tried switching their locations, turning them off and on again, movi
  23. So one of my base stations for the HTC vive is flashing red and it keeps saying that there is an error with it and I am unsure what to do about it to fix it.
  24. One month out of warranty I got the blinking red light that disables the base station. I contacted support and they said that it was $90 + shipping to get a repair, so: the same price as a new device. Is that everyone's experience? Smells like the XBox 360 red-ring all over again
  25. i've had my vive headset for about a year but recently my base stations have begun cutting out occasionally whilst i'm using it but then for some reason the base stations just stopped connecting at all. The base stations both have solid green lights on them and they can both be detected and identified when i scan for base stations. I've tried resetting up the room but the none of the equipment is visible to any base stations and i've checked all connections to ensure that none of them are loose.
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