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Found 12 results

  1. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released February 5th2021 [Runtime] (BETA) Supported pass-through for Elite (Double click HMD button) [Vive Console] Added button for switching to Cosmos OpenXR Preview mode Cosmos OpenXR Preview mode is still in Beta testing stage and please opt out OpenXR preview or Beta if you found any issues
  2. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 31st 2020 [Tracking] Controller Improved controller tracking for better sniper stance accuracy
  3. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released January 17th2020 [Tracking] Controller Optimized controller pose tracking [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs (Thanks to @Mr.Killjoy) [Origin] Added Chinese New Year decorations
  4. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 27th 2020 [Tracking] Controller Overall reduction in controller jitter, improving precise movements in e.g. Angry Birds and Tilt Brush [Vive Console] Added a troubleshooting link to help improve tracking environment [Room Setup] Updated hint strings for tracking notifications Updated “Pull and hold trigger” string in Japanese [Origin] Added a new introduction video for first time users during setup or when relaunching the Tutorial
  5. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released February 26th, 2020 [Tracking] HMD Reduced HMD movement Jitter Controller Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR [Runtime] Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) Forum Issue Link Fixed a memory leak bug that build up over time
  6. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released December 20th 2019  [Controller] Fine-tuned the battery level indicator to cover general rechargeable batteries. (if you find any abnormal behavior on your batteries, please reply here with the brand and model of your battery "link preferred") [Tracking] Controller Solved the specific tracking pose lock problem for boxing style movements and archery game playing [Vive Runtime] Improved stability for Performance Priority Mode on AMD graphic cards. Optimize IPD show up timing to avoid blocking t
  7. I've uninstalled Vive software 3 times now and re-downloaded it. When I launch the Vive console app it will say that I no longer have access to the "private test program" and will kick me out of the beta updates, forcing me to run with the official patches. So basically i'm being forced to be left behind. When I try to join the beta program from Settings>Advanced>Beta Program it says "activation code not valid". This has never happened before, and is yet just another thing on a growing list of things that are broken about this product. Contacted Vive support, nothing helpful beyond unins
  8. IVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released December 2nd2019  [Tracking] HMD Improved the dynamic jitter UX Refined the tracking indication timing during room setup Controller Improved tracking of punching movement in boxing games Optimized tracking of throwing actions [Runtime] Fixed IPD display no showing up during tracking indication Fixed GPU memory leak [Vive Console] (BETA) Added support for “Performance Priority mode” in Settings/Video t
  9. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released November 26th 2019  [System] Improved system stability for use over longer durations. [Tracking] Controller Optimized tracking trajectory for boxing style movements and archery games. Support simultaneous movement of occluded and non-occluded controller within the headset's field of view. [Vive Runtime] Added fallback controller type, support added from SteamVR Beta 1.9.4 onwards. [Vive Console] Solved a bug where the HMD firmware update might be interrupted during a softw
  10. VIVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released 30th October 2019 [Tracking] - HMD Reduced tracking jitter when using VIVE Wireless Adapter. Fixed a bug where the too bright/low light toast notification wouldn’t show up. - Controller Improved near-HMD tracking jitter. [Room Setup] - Updated the environment UI around the animations for the room scanning step. - Fixed the null button UI bug for Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean and Japan langua
  11. VIVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released 11/18/2019 [Tracking] HMD Room Setup will no longer be blocked by the high brightness notification. Improved tracking experience during dynamic movements when using VIVE Wireless Adapter. Controller Improved lower side tracking performance [Runtime] Fixed a bug where the boundary would not be triggered when the controller is static. Fixed bugs where Origin would behave abnormally when set as the default home environment. Fixed vignette setting can only be on/off on
  12. The Vive Cosmos Beta has been updated to v1.0.5 via the Vive Console's beta release program. Please use the software updater to keep your software up to date, and refer to below software change list to reference what's changed. Reply to this post if you encounter any issues, but also refer to “How to report issue through Vive Console” post to send back the logs with your feedback. Make room setup more robust under low light condition Improved low light tracking experience Resolved audio no sound for the some PCs Fixed pop up toast did not disappear issues
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