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  1. Would you be able to help detail your setup?
  2. @davide445 we just pushed a GPU fix in the latest beta release ( Could you have a look and see if we've fixed your issue when both GPUs are plugged into your PC? From the Beta release notes: -Improved support for systems with multiple GPUs – it is now able to detect which GPU the HMD is plugged into, and appropriately render the compositor on that GPU.
  3. Okay, let us see what we can do on our side to get it working for you in your dual GPU setup. Will get back to you.
  4. Great. If it doesn't work, please do a bug report via the troubleshooting section of the Vive Console, and DM me a trace number. We can use it to check the logs. We will try our best to get it working for you. Fwiw, I have a 2080 and Vega 64 in the same machine, and it works fine, so we should be able to figure it out. @Synthesis
  5. Hey Davide, 2 things: 1. Can you try all the original cabling? Without using any adapters whatsoever. 2. Can you try removing one GPU or disabling it in device manager and seeing if it works? Thanks! /shen
  6. Sebastian, as it was before the launch, I was unable to comment on the release date as we have a strict company policy to not comment on unannounced products and product roadmap. I apologise if I was not clear, you were asking for access to BS2.0 developer kits, which were only being seeded by Valve. The Vive Pro full kit with BS2.0 is not a limited run, and support for using more than 2x BS2.0 for tracking is coming soon. Valve are working on it and will release the update when they are ready.
  7. Hi Ruben, Sounds like you may be being redirected to our European site, where you're adding a Vive with EU 2-pin plugs in your cart. If you open this link in a new incognito window, you'll get the correct checkout. To help investivate, would you please be able to help privately message me: 1. Your IP address (Google can show you) 2. The reference number for the checkout where your shipping country was restricted:
  8. Hi Evan, May I ask what the reasoning is behind removing the System Button functionality? Shen
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