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  1. P.S. VIVE port is really slow in repose ding to anything. ????
  2. Since this has been working in china for months it should be debugged. i kept trying and late last night it worked. I had to add my payment the method and save it. Also when buying the button to "pay" was scrolled below the window. It seemed to never load. When I clicked. Talk to us live... it would scroll up. I found this out after three more tries. Then things worked fine. I also started seeing my purchases in my library link on VIVE port. However my account history? Has no orders? I also had to go view my cc info at get a code from my statement to verify my card. This seemed ridiculous. Especially for one 1.00 charge. The I saw it had tried three times to block a small amount on the card. There were no instructions on the sight regarding this. Anyway. I got it working and added the free items and purchased the 1.00 specials. I don't trust it to get the more pricey items.... I'll stick with steam for that as they have a refund policy. I hope VIVE is doing something to get good titles coming. I've lost interest in vr. Now I see that battle zone Vr is only oculus and PlayStation. Makes me mad... Vr should be like buying a monitor. It's a display not a platform. Revive proves that.
  3. Bugs? I keep coming back and trying to buy and it bombs... now about my 7th time, it seems to process and shows my card and a receipt????. But my order history under my account says I own nothing. So I keep trying. I hope each time I try it don't get charged again for The same app???
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