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  1. Well. I don't expect it to be 4k 90fps. Perhaps 1440p or even at same 1200p, if it improves screendoor effect and god ray problems, I would be happy.
  2. I saw it on youtube that htc is releasing htc vive 2.0 in next few months. What is this? Does it have better screen or something? Less screendoor effect, sharper visual and slicker design? I am super curious about this because I would definitely get one. haha..
  3. I see. I saw gtx 1080 going for $599 + tax.. but I am a bit hesitate to buy at this point coz gtx 1080 ti is coming out next month. I mean.. price difference is only $100 or so but performance difference is almost 30% and if that's the case, I would rather pay a little more and get 1080 ti. I am also concerned they may drop the price of gtx 1080 around 1080 ti's release time. I wonder though. Would gtx 1070 sli work on VR? I mean sli works good on some games but on some games it doesn't work. Would vive take advantage of sli? On spec sheet, 1070 sli is slightly more powerful than gtx 1080 ti.
  4. Currently using i7 6700k + gtx 970. Graphics in vive looks ok but when I turned on super sampling 200%, everything looked so much better. Well.. at least till I started moving in game. Everything became incredibly choppy though it looks super sharp when I am not moving and there's nothing moving on screen. Can current gtx 1080 handle super sampling 200% on all vr games? I was playing The Brookhaven Experiment but I want to run all games at 200% super sampling with smooth framerate. Can gtx 1080 handle that or should I wait till jan 2017 for gtx 1080 ti? Do sli make any difference in vive vr games? dang.. I blew so much money buying vive and other games and everything looked good till I looked at super sampling 200%. Once I saw super sampling, there's like no going back. Everything looks so crappy when I turn it off but when I turn on, my gtx 970 can't handle it.
  5. I see.. I was playing thrill of boxing and earbud was keep coming off whenever I move too fast.. was very annoying. I pulled wire and put in behind head hold band and now it's better but it just isn't comfortable putting bud inside my ear. I prefer to have oculus rift cv1 built in headphone but well.. it's not an option here. I am just worried headphone fall out of my head when I move very fast up and down, left to right. haha..
  6. It says it supports up to 250g. Is sensor box heavier than that?
  7. will this work on vive? I just need something small that I can put on top of my bookshelve. :)
  8. I got my vive setup last night and when I set up standing alone, it works fine but when I set it up room scale, it messes up my height. How do I adjust height in room scale setup? It doesn't have option to enter the height like standing alone setup. I put 2 of my sensors on bookshelve on opposite side of my room but they are not tilted because I didn't mount them. Is it because of this that my height is being messed up on room scale set up?
  9. I really don't like headphone that comes with vive. It just falls off.. well.. maybe it's because of my ear shape. All these little headphone just comes right off. I want to get decent headset under $50. Does any 3.5mm headset work with vive? I would be happy if it's similar to oculus rift cv1 built in headset style. Ones that completely covers up my ear kinda gives me wierd feeling on my left ear so I prefer to have regular cheap looking one yet decent quality. oh.. btw.. I see swirl mark on my vive lense. Is this normal? while I don't see light bulb effect like oculus rift cv1, I see this swirl mark on lense when I move my eye balls in vive. It's better than light bulb effect but well.. still annoying. lol. screendoor effect and sharpness of screen seems about same as oculus rift cv1 though. Anyway, I am enjoying vive experience. I bought thrill of boxing and it's fun as hell. haha.. once they release wireless adopter next year, it will be even more awsome.
  10. I am long time oculus rift user(since dk2 to cv1 :D).. Anyway, I grabbed vive too coz it was $100 off during black friday and I had $100 gift card credit at amazon. haha.. Anyway, it's coming in today and I want to know what I should get today. Recommend me best wow fact games and apps. Oh.. and I see viveport saying 50% off but it doesn't look like there are any games. Am I missing something here? Also.. how's experience in vive? While Oculus CV1 is great, my biggest complain is screendoor effect and this annoying light bleeding problems. For example, when I use virtual desktop, screendoor effect is so bad unless I size all font too ridiculus size where I can no long track the whole screen without turning my head around and there's this light bleeding problem. It's like light is leaking out all over the places. It's not really noticeable on some games or apps but on virtual desktop, it's really annoying. Especially I watch movies on it, it's like this half invisible light bulb is shooting at my eyes. Does vive have this problem too?
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