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  1. A new update on this. After using the cups all weekend without them falling, I have moved them to another place. In this case they are attached to a wood door and window shutter. I put more than 4 Kg in coins hanging from them and they are still there. So it's safe to say that using suction cups it's good. I don't know how long can they be used, but I think I will keep them there for a couple of weeks, and then remove, clean and attach them again. I will anyway remove the stations from them when I'm not playing for a long time (just in case...).
  2. I use Superlux HD 668b and it is working perfectly. you just have to use them on TOP of the headset, or it will be a bit unconfortable.
  3. You can/have to in some games. In steam it is in that section:  Also, in the store you can filter by games that can be played standing, on room scale and/or seating.
  4. Luckily, I have power sockets on each corner in the livingroom, so no cables are in the middle. Unluckily, I can't use the livingroom, since my flatmates use it, so tomorrow I'll have to move everything to my room, and there I can only play in a seated/standing setup, and no room one.
  5.  It's a "compact suction mount", according to the box. It is the type used in action cameras to stick it in windshields and so on. They already have the screw mount. It's been there for 17 hours already, and still no signs of having been moved a milimiter. I hanged some 3 kg during all night (some 6 hours) and still there. I really recommend it if you don't want to drill, and you have clean smooth surfaces available (windows, mirrors, varnished wood...). I might buy light mounts as some suggested since I won't be able to do this always, but at least I know this works.
  6. I went for suctions cups. Might try the stands if I see this is not good enough. But it was the best I could find today. For light stands I'd have to buy online, and wouldn't get them until Tuesday. And yes, I thought abouth the "ball heads" (I didn't know the name in English, in Spanish is like "kneecap": "rótula") since the stations have to face down. Right now I have an old camera, aprox. 2/3 the weight of the stations, attached to a suction cup, on a windows, and I'll see how long it takes to fall down (if it even does). The other one will be on a shelf, so it's quite safe. I'll get back with the outcome of my experiment in some hours hahaha So here I am again... It worked perfectly. The suction cups are still attached to the window and shelf, and the one in the window even supportes a piggybak full of coins for more than 1 hour while I was setting everything up, so I can say it's pretty good. I will leave it all night (no base station attached, but some weight on it) just to test it.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought of that. I'll try to get some suction cups first (I'll go to a store and see if they can show me the real deal), and if I can't I'll follow your lead.
  8. Hi all, just bought myself a Vive. I live in a rented appartment with some flatmates, and we cannot drill the walls, and I was thinking about possible solutions to place BSs, and placing them on camera mounts with suction cups would be a good idea. Has anyone tried this before? It would be to attach it to a regular wall, so not a flat polished surface. Don't know if there's any suction cup that is not expensive (some €30 for a couple of them) and can be attached to walls. My idea is to be able to move it whenever I needed, so I prefer suction cups rather than double sided sticky tape (I know there are some that are really strong and would work, but I would only use this as a last resort.
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