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  1. Can you please remove dialog box for asking about switch OpenXR to Vive runtime every time pressing "Launch Console" in tray . It is annoying. Asking one, two or three times is ok, but constantly - it makes no sense. There is enough option in the settings. I'm using different headsets, not only HTC headsets. Thank you.
  2. So there is no performance issues with high SS settings for me. It's now same as wired...
  3. One of the latest update of SteamVR Beta seems like completely fixed this issue.
  4. I also opened "issue" on Valve's GitHub page. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/issues/913 I think it's Steam VR or Vive wireless software issue. I really don't see any difference with any PCI-E port. With any settings in BIOS for PCI-E... with any Nvidia driver. With old or new BIOS firmware for MB.
  5. wrote: The wireless adapter compresses the output image from the GPU and then decompresses it after transmission. Even though the resolution it is working with is the same, the added detail from supersampling exceeds its processing ability to compress in a timely manner. If this or some variation of this was not the case, the wireless adapter would not have issues with supersampling. The output image is the same size no matter of supersampling. HMD receive image that the same size no matter of supersampling and no metter it's used wired or wireless connection. Because supersampling proccess happening before image passes to HMD (and wireless adapter). The result of this process is image with size of HMD screens.
  6. I think you do not understand how it works. Wireless adapter should work with image after supersampling process. It works with same size of image, any time, with any supersampling settings.
  7. with 100% render resolution there is practically no "Late Start" but with 150%... 200%.... it's appear more and more frequently... even if game easily can handle 300% render resolution.
  8. I tried all ports. Absolutely all. No difference. I found a dependency, the more supersampling, the more likely to see the "Late Start", even if there is a headroom of gpu and cpu.
  9. i7-8700K/1080Ti/Vive Pro CPU Usage same as with wired connection. But performance is worse with wireless connection.
  10. "Late Start" on CPU graph with Vive Wireless Adapter: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/351354713628737546/501444361431678976/unknown.png
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