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  1. Elite doesnt support VR controller...its not a HMD problem,,the game is like that...And yes if you want to play this game full potential you need a HOTAS but some people pay it with xbox or ps4 controller.
  2. Right controller stuck in view at my first beatsaber song....have to reset controller to make it work again reported and ticket submited
  3. Already submited throught the console last week so I don't have a number for now and Yes i'm on 1.0.5 @stvnxu
  4. After some side by side comparison with my friend Rift S We have come to the conclusion that the cosmos controller suffer from a lot of lag when you move them. They do not stay at the same place as the controller in real life but instead they 'follow' them.
  5. I've made some test this morning playing orbus vr, specifically in the main menu where you can see a mirror of yourself. When I put the controller on the back of my head to induce tracking lost the controller didn't seem to snap back when they where in view of the side camera...instead they seems to only snap back when the front the top or the bottom camera seems to see them. Can someone else confirm this? could this be the reason why they seems really slow to reacquire tracking? Also there is no option so see what those camera sees so I cannot confirm they are indeed working. I also frequently lost tracking of my right controller and it never snap back into place( must reboot controller), mostly in fast pace game ( beat saber and sort of gargantua) that makes them unplayable for me.
  6. Viveport lack the ability to set up a space to play sitting down outside of the play area like Steam Vr allow it to do. Or at least the ability to shut down the boundary system.
  7. Same here...Time is running out and if the tracking does not improve more I have to return this thing before the end of the month... @stvnxu
  8. Hi there! Do anyone know if there is a way to unlink my Viveport account from Facebook? My Facebook is no longer active and I dont want to lose the game a bought while it was link with it... plz help!
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