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  1. Do the exchange rate, Add shipping, shipping insurance. Then add import duty...onto the figure that inckudos shipping. Minimum 2% for goods imported from outside EU. Then add VAT on to the figure (that already has duty on it). Might not look so bad then. Blame greedy EU governments not suppliers. There's also the fact that dealing with the EU countries cost more as it's not one single market like USA (despite the name). Each country has its own languages, media to advertise on etc so cost of business is higher.
  2. No been onm here for a while... so heres an update: After a few months running I've realised one thing... Steams commerical licensing isn't bad. Rather than going for quantity go for quality. Curate your experiences. With about 3 or 4 different titles per rig you can allow customers to hop between more machines. We've only got 4 rigs, thats 16 different games to try in an hour! Obviosuly if you are really busy then they need to book a specific machine or two... but our approch there is to tell them to come with friends and get an exclusive booking. The only difficult bit is having some multiplayer titles which means doubling up on licenses reducing the variety. Part of your marketing then is to rotate titles and bring back popular ones regulary and let people know what you'll be running. I can recommend springboardVR as an arcade mangement platform. It best feature.. disabling the system menu button. That's a 50% saving on labour costs :) As well as creating times gaming sessions it also has analytics showing you what games are played most, and also blocks access to steam home so people can't go buying new games if you accidentally forgot to uncheck the "remember card details" when renewing your licenses. It has a nice in HMD VR menu for launching games and the bit I'm really really waiitng for... which was a feature request from us... a booking system plug in for the website. the other feature they added was to be able to create custom length game session on the quick menu. We have a 15 minute taster for £5 which people wandering past use. We don't advertise it on the website but when people have other plans they can't stop for an hour. But we've had repeat vistors for an hour with a group boking who were intially 15 minute walk ins. Still making a mahoosive loss of about £2,000 per month, but we haven't started marketing yet! Coming soon.
  3. A bit late replying but I'm working through this at the moment as we have a tiltbrush artist who wants to use our green screen studio. This is where I've got to with my desk research... not easy but is doable if you have the right camera with a zoom... Tiltbrush doesn't support the 4 way third controller output, but does have the static spectator camera output. Unfortunately the FOV is fixed at 80 degrees. I'm lucky as I have an Pansaonic GH4 camera - with a 12-35mm lens, which at the wide end is 84 degrees, FOV. In theory zooming in a little should match the camera and spectator camera FOV and then its a case of making sure the camera is on a sturdy tripod and lining up the green screen and spectator camera correctly. You can do this by picking up the spectator camera using the Vive controller side grip buttons, flip up your headset and place the Vive circle on the front of the real cameral lens. You need to experiment to see exactly how the Vive controller relates to the spectator camera position, and may need to nudge the tripod a little. If it all works, I'll post some footage next time I'm in. That the theory... but I was running some tests yesterday and I'd swear the FOV in Tiltbrush was higher than the GH4 at 12mm. I'll be experimenting with the video resolution and camera settings as it may be I'm losing the edges of the FOV when for example - enabling the in camera image stabilisation rather than optical lens based... neither of which is needed on a tripod but we usually shoot hand held! We use a Elgato HD60S capture card on the GH4 and feed that into another PC, along with the output from the VR PC running Tiltbrush using OBS and Newtec NDI plugin to send across the network - saving having another capture card. But you can do it all on a single PC with decent specs. Our i7 6700k + 1080 manages it. We're looking to move to a black magic capture system as the Elgato is a bit laggy on our hand held MR videos - so you get mismatch in real / virtual hands when panning etc.
  4. I'm runinng an VRCade and have 4xVive 2xRift and 1X PSVR. The rifts and psvr and sat in boxes in storage after we tried them out ... tells you what you need to know. :) Ease of use is what it comes down to. I just didnt get on with the oculus home software, how the sensors are set up, the mess of usb cable you need to have for a working roomscale set up, and the feeling the rift will delaminate the fabrik after some sweaty use. But for home use... where you don't mind running some cables around the room, the rift would be good, or like we are going to do use them for what it was designed for... seated games. Roomscale was a late addition, and it shows. But for things like racing games, or flight sims etc, it's perfect. As long as your head is the right shape... it presses on my temple and gives me headache after 30 minutes, but I'm sure some VRcovers foam replacement will sort that.
  5. . Not available yet... UK store is here but check for your region... https://www.vive.com/uk/vive-deluxe-audio-strap/
  6. That will be handy. I'm happy to take things apart ;)
  7. Doh. I'm looking forward to playing this. Havent had the vives set up Since mid december as we've been decorating and shopfitting. Hopefully back online soon. So much stuff on the DL queue.
  8. I cant quite see how the 3d rudder would work. In games I play sested on a 360 rotating office chair. So you'd leave the rudder behind. If it sticks to your feet... how do you rotate the chair? Or do they expect you to sit looking ahead like in a fighter and use joypad to move the vehicle? I think maybe its just the games I'm playing work differently. Thinking about it one of the Gear VR games works more like a flight sim than something you steer by looking. Guess it will depend kn the game how useful it is. The key think for me... the controllers have erm... controls on them. So sitting facing forwards you can even play with a Xbox controller like the rift does.
  9. I'd be interested to know too. Out of the 10 I have across 4 vives 2 have touch pad failures ... no more up/right. Relegated to camera tracking use, but reminds me I need to get another pair on order as backups. Will look at how to fix them one day.
  10. http://www.talariavr.com/ I didn't know about this, maybe you did, but this to me is the missing link in VR. forget your treadmills, teleporting, thumbsticks and touch pads (all Ts? LOL). I realised while playing Onwards that walking on the spot got rid of motion sickness. Ever since then when the locomotion debate pops up on social media I've been trying to promote the idea that a foot tracking simple solution is all that's needed. If you combine it with Lighthouse tracking and pressure sensors you wear like a sock you can have kicking and walking in VR. Streetfighther corridor kungfu scrollers here we come. Vive is going to rock. And I'm going to get fit again. Want to run -- then you'll have to run! Gamers will all be athletes by 2020! I have no involvement with these guys, but they independently came up with the same idea. I will be a customer for sure!
  11. White the white beyond has pointed out - the minimum spec to run a Vive that I'd recommend - a £659 Vive and a £400 1070 is £1000 on top of whatever else you have sitting in your box. Are you going to want a Z270 / i7 7770k which just got release too? Say someone announces a ship date on a nw VR headset in Q2 2017... with 4k per eye, and wireless. How much do you think that will cost and what GPUs will you need. I can tell you the HMD will cost over £1000 and you'll need 2x1080s in SLI which won't work as non of the apps in Steam VR support SLI yet. If they add foveated rendering, capability with eye tracking, then they could get that down to 1 xGTX1080 - if the GTX1080 had a foeveated rendering pipeline - which it doesn't. So although these display may be high res, they will only be upscaling existing 1000x1000 ish content per eye. Is that what you want? Most importantlly will they support tracked peripherals like gun controllers or foot tracking so you can walk in VR? http://www.talariavr.com/ I'm just about to start a thread on these guys.. as I think this is the most important step in VR (pardon the pun) since Roomscale came out.
  12. Hi Rockjaw. A thought just popped into my head. Say a person who doesnt own a vive wants to sign up and use our Vives at a VRCade would that be possible. So for example a regular customer who comes into play at least weekly or more could use their own Viveport account to play, instead of using up our Commercial minutes? That could be a cheaper way for us to offer VR Time and keep the pay per minutes for one off customers. Got another question but will pm you that ;)
  13. Long time no post from me but thought I'd share my experiences. The reason its been a long time is finally got my shop lease sorted so been burning the candle both ends and in the middle. Going to be called thevrhub.co.uk. Short video clip on there from our testing before we signed the lease ;) Doing things a bit different to most from what I've seen. Lets just say the shop fitting is taking a long time as its being designed as we go along ;) As to multiple vives... they dont like each other. We ran an event in the communal space outside our store... its a bit like a mall and was the xmas party for all the tenants. We had 2 side by side and had to place screens in between or the tracking just went haywire. As to 2 or more HMD in 1 space sharing 1 set of lighthouses... yes that does work. In fact we plan on running 4 in our main studio room but have only tested with 3 so far there was too much junk in the way to get a4th up and running. What we have found is even though nothing moves as they are screwed to the wall you are best calibrating the room everyday. Otherwise you end up with game VR floor getting higher than the real floor... and you lose the controllers if you put them down. Maybe down to the fact our lighthouses are 3m high and just over 5m apart. The scary part... our PCs are in a different room running through a media streamer then back to an in room display via ethernet. We did tests with 10m hdmi and usb cables on a single rig, but havent wired up the final setup of all the rigs yet. Risky! But when we finish I'll post pics and youll see why we are taking this approach ;)
  14. Bear in mind while doing all these "demos" if you are taking donations or selling stuff you need a commercial license. I keep seeing people who are charging for entry to a party at their apartment which happens to have a Vive that they will "demo" free of charge... Basically making money by pirating software as all software comes with a non commercial use. Thankfully HTC are working on Viveport arcade to make it easy to do this legitimately.
  15. Indeed... maybe its time to go offline.. and private as its quite easy for someone to take this out of context. Is there anything meant to have gone out from Viveport arcade registration of interest yet? I've not heard anything... even a thank you for registering well be back to you in a couple of months.. you know to confirm our details are in the mail list.
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