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  1. The Curse of Palm Oil This immersive film chronicles the lives of the indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia and their connection to their forests. Alarming deforestation rates threaten their very way of life, as they rely on it as their source of food, medicine and other vital materials. Experience the sounds and sights of the clash between the natural world of the rainforest with the machines involved with deforestation as this experience hammers home the tragic conflict between the indigenous people and logging companies. theBlu An essential and critically acclaimed VR experience, theBlu brings the vibrant world of our oceans to life in the most immersive way possible. Get up close and personal with the denizens of the deep, and interact with them using your Vive wands. This awe inspiring undersea journey will give you a whole new appreciation of our complex and beautiful ecosystem and why we must do everything in our power to preserve it. Tree In this award-winning VR experience, you’re transformed into a majestic rainforest tree. Live the life of a vital part of the forest ecosystem from seedling to full growth and feel the impact this important flora has on the environment. Utilizing the immersiveness of virtual reality, Tree helps illustrate the importance of preserving our natural world. Viveport passionately believes in this cause, and funds from paid purchases of Tree are donated to the Rainforest Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving our forests. Oil in our Creeks Oil in our Creeks is a powerful cinematic VR experience that shows the effect of a devastating oil spill in Bodo City, Nigeria. Hand-painted animation fuses with 360 video to show the community’s past and how they’ve been impacted by such a terrible calamity. Having premiered on the Vancouver Film Festival to rave reviews, this immersive VR film will touch your heart and stir you to get involved to help make a difference. The Disappearing Oasis Climate change is one of the main causes of many risks to our environment. In The Disappearing Oasis, see first hand its impact in the form of desertification’s effect on the 2 million people living in the fertile regions of Morocco. Follow Halim Sbai as he works tirelessly to inform the world of what is happening, and the local efforts to push back against desertification (including the yearly planting of new palm trees).
  2. Hey , I'm working to get this handled for you. The next message you receive will be via PM from me just in case this requires sensitive information being exchanged.
  3. Hi , I can help clear this up for you. Basically, orders that come late in the week, Thursday or Friday, will usually update on Monday or Tuesday. There are a couple reasons for this. Firrst, the order comes in and gets set for processing. Once it is received it will be set to be packed and gets set to be fulfilled. That is why your order says "pending fulfillment". Especially since your order is a bit larger than the normal single kit order. Also, our order processing is from Monday - Friday. So don't worry, your order is being prepared and you should get an update soon in the way of a shipment notice. If you don't see any update but tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, please reach out to me and we will dig deeper into this.
  4. Hi and , Can you both do me a favor and send an email to customerservice@viveport.com? Our Customer Care team can look into this for you. Please be as descriptive as you possibly can be and make sure you include the email address you have associated with your Viveport account. Thanks! SNP
  5. HTC VIVE had a great time with VR developers at GDC 2019 and we're excited we got to share some of the cool things we're working on. Thank you to everyone who attended, asked questions and connected with the team! If you weren't able to make it or just need a refresher, here's the 6 developer sessions we held and their videos. Please take a look and jump into the comments. Thanks again! Developer Day Keynote: Platform Strategy for 2019 We kicked off HTC VIVE's Developer Day with a keynote presentation. We shared the latest updates and announcements on our platform strategy and new opportunities for developers. In this video, you will learn about HTC VIVE's platform strategy in 2019 and what new opportunities are possible in the VR ecosystem. Speakers: Rikard Steiber - SVP & President, Viveport Vinay Narayan - AVP, Product & Operations Hugo Swart - Head of XR, Qualcomm Technologies Bjorn Book-Larsson - VP Product, Viveport Links and Resources: Viveport Infinity Release Blog Viveport Infinity Developer Revenue Share Announcement Download the 2019 GDC State of the Industry Report Viveport Developer Awards Winners Announcement Vive Cosmos Product Page Vive Pro Eye Product Page Vive Focus Plus Product Page Viveport + Photon Get started at https://developer.vive.com Developer Success in the Era of New Competing Digital Platforms How are VR developers finding success today as more digital platforms emerge? In this session, industry veteran and VP of Product, Bjorn Book-Larsson, uses data and trends to outline strategies toward increased engagement and monetization in the context of this new landscape. In the second half of the session, Bjorn moderates a panel of industry experts who will share their own paths taken to achieve success in VR. You will learn where VR developers are finding success in the market today and strategies they can take to increase engagement and revenue. You will also hear from a panel of industry experts on how they are finding success in VR. Speakers: Bjorn Book-Larsson - VP Product, Viveport Graham Gaylor - Co-Founder & CEO, VRChat Christof Wegmann - Founder & CTO, Exit Games David Sapienza - Executive Director, HTC VIVE Getting Started, Publishing and Beyond: Viveport SDKs + Vive Input Utility In this two-part session, you will learn how to build cross-platform VR applications with the VIVEPORT SDK and VIVE Input Utility. Among many features, the VIVEPORT SDK provides user insights, monetization paths and digital rights management when distributing to a variety of VR headsets. VIVE Input Utility is a Unity toolkit for multiplatform VR development and includes some of the most common actions in VR like teleportation, object grabbing/throwing, and a UI pointer. For both SDKs, we walk through supported features and demonstrate use cases for your own development. You will learn key features of the VIVEPORT SDK and VIVE Input Utility and how to get started implementing them in their VR applications. For each toolset, hear how developers are using these tools today to lay the foundation for their VR experiences. Speakers: David Sapienza - Executive Director, HTC VIVE Dario Laverda - Sr Dev, Dev Relations & Partnerships Building for the Standalone Ecosystem: WAVE Platform SDKs VIVE Wave is an open platform and toolset that enables easier Standalone VR content development and high-performance device optimization for third party partners. The VIVE Wave SDK offers an open interface enabling interoperability between numerous mobile VR headsets such as the VIVE Focus and accessories. Watch this session to learn more about VIVE Wave’s key features and hear from a panel of developers and hardware partners sharing their efforts to enrich the ecosystem. You will learn key features of the VIVE Wave SDK and how to get started creating for the Standalone VR ecosystem. You will also hear from a panel of industry experts on how they are leveraging VIVE Wave to achieve their goals in VR. Speakers: Tony Lin - Director, HTC VIVE Leigh Momii - Sr. Manager, Content Partnerships Karen Zu - VP of Marketing, Pico Technology Li Zhang - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, DP VR Pedro Matsumra Kayatt - CEO, VRMonkey Creating More Immersive Experiences: 3DSP Audio SDK + Hand Tracking SDK In this two-part session, learn to create more immersive VR experiences with VIVE 3D Audio SDK and VIVE Hand Tracking SDK. The VIVE 3D Audio SDK is a spatial audio SDK that enhances any VR application with features such as HOA, HRTF, geometry occlusion, and Hi-Res audio support. VIVE Hand Tracking SDK provides real-time hand skeleton and gesture recognition using on-board cameras on VR devices. It is purely software-based and requires no extra hardware. For both SDKs, we walk through supported features and demonstrate use cases for your own development. You will learn key features of the VIVE 3D Audio SDK and VIVE Hand Tracking SDK and how to start implementing them in their VR applications. For each SDK, hear how developers are using these tools today to create more immersive VR experiences. Speakers: Avery Kuo - Sr. Manager, HTC VIVE Andrew Champlin - Sound Designer II, HTC VIVE Relic Chu - Sr. Manager, HTC VIVE The Future of XR Development: SRWorks SDK + SRanipal SDK In this two-part session, learn how VIVE is pushing the future of XR development with the SRWorks SDK and SRanipal SDK. The SRWorks SDK is a software framework for developers to leverage the hardware of a headset for spatial mapping and AI for scene understanding. The SRanipal SDK allows developers to track and integrate users’ eye and lip movements, empowering developers to read intention and model facial expression. For both SDKs, we walk through supported features and demonstrate use cases for your own development. You will learn key features of the SRWorks SDK and SRanipal SDK and how to get started implementing them in their VR applications. For each SDK, hear how developers are using these tools today to create ground-breaking VR experiences. Speakers: Daniel Yang - Sr. Director, HTC VIVE Gaspar Ferreiro - CEO, Project Ghost Studios Jeff Marshall - CEO, VRSPeaking
  6. Alright guys, Thank you for your sprited debate on the subject at hand. If you choose to continue, make sure it stays friendly. Keep the jabs on the ice. :) Thanks, SNP
  7. Hi! I'm sorry you are having an issue with LA Noire. Since this might end up requiring sensitive information, I am going to send you a Private Message here on the forums in just a few minutes. Be on the look out.
  8. Hey , As said, I would definitely have it redirected. Especially for the value and the weather. They will usually hold it for 5 days when they get it. I typically do this with bigger packages that I want to keep safe. You can also do it online instead of calling so it makes it faster.
  9. Hi , The reason we take these conversations to PM is because sensitive information is usually given that we don't want to have in public out of respect for the community member's privacy and security. Also, sometimes it is as simple as not using an updated client to something within the account. The answer may not be the same. If you are having an issue logging in, please send me a PM so we can look into it for you. If you would rather go directly to support you can do that as well by sending an email to customerservice@viveport.com. Thanks
  10. Hi! I've located the issue and you should be able to post now. If for some reason you still can't, please send me a PM so I'm notified right away. Thanks.
  11. Hi, for this issue, you are going to want to send an email to customerservice@viveport.com. They can help you trouble shoot this and get you back on track.
  12. Hi , For a question like this, you are going to want to reach out to customerservice@viveport.com. They can handle your account request. Thank you!
  13. Awesome to hear it worked itself out. I sent you a PM here on the forums. If you aren't having an issue still, feel free to disregard. Thanks!
  14. No apologies needed! Happy to have been able to provide you with a solid explanation. :)
  15. I appreciate your feedback and can see where you are coming from. I don't have information on the overall status of these titles but I can understand why you are disappointed that they aren't there. Thanks for sharing your feelings on this and we do hope you can find some hidden gems and not so hidden gems throughout the other 600 experiences that Infinity has to offer.
  16. Hi , Which games are you referring to? I'd like to know as I gather feedback. Thanks.
  17. Hi, I'll be sending you a PM here in a minute. So be on the lookout. Also, I'm going to remove your images since it has sensitive information.
  18. Hi! I'm going to send you a PM here on the forums to make sure you get taken care of. Be on the look out.
  19. Hello, I'm going to send you a PM shortly about this. Keep an eye out. You can always email Viveport's customer care team directly at customerservice@viveport.com
  20. Hi! We will make sure to get you back up and running swiftly. I’ll be sending you a PM in a little bit. Be on the look out.
  21. So glad you are enjoying your Vive and reading your experiences. All of that mailbox camping seems to have paid off. If you liked Obduction before, wait until you play it in VR. Since you went through it, you will be able to just enjot the ride without having to figure out the puzzles. I'm a massive fan of Cyan and all of their Myst games as well as Obduction. They just announced today a new Kickstarter for a "built for VR" title called Firmament. It looks like it just might be amazing. If you have any questions about your Vive or need some cool game recommendations, feel free to ask.
  22. Hi , Can you do me a favor and send me, in a PM, the error you are getting and we can look into it for you? Thanks!
  23. Hi , Don't worry, your order is still fine. It is most likely in the processing stage. This should eventually change to showing you the status of the order. If you don't see a change in this by tomorrow, please let me know and we will go from there.
  24. I've removed your duplicate message.
  25. We always welcome feedback. If anyone else has any, feel free to share with us. And yes, make sure to get on the free month offer. :)
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