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  1. This is just a guess, but maybe it have to do something with the way the game is rendered for dual screen. 2x 45 is 90. Have you tried out changing your Video settings to 120hz does it reach 60 fps then? You can change the ressolution and frequency in vive console.
  2. Another Problem i ran into: My MSI RTX 3080Ti Gaming X Trio does not support more than 4 Monitors. This can be easily fixed by disabling the Monitor/s via Windows Display settings. Or just by pluging them out. Be aware that pluging your Monitors resets their settings and can cause changes in appearence if you use multiple Desktops and different settings like wallpapers or ressolutions. Your vive counts as 2 (two) Monitors so if you natively use 4 Monitors in your setup you have to unplug/disable 2 of them for your vive to start.
  3. For starting: this is not a beginners guide! just a list of helpful suggestions what could have gone wrong I am using a decentralized setup, my connect Box is about 5 meters away from my PC, so there is the first problem: USB 3.x is not able to transmit data over 3m+ even Displayport can have connection Problems at this range. Use "active" extension cables witch allow to extend to up to 15m without additional Power source. With the App UsbTreeView you can see in Realtime if your HTC USB devices are connected or not (at least 5 additional entries in list) Next issue Was my damaged active usb 3.1 extension cable. In UsbTreeView i saw 2 devices connected but Installation guide didnt Show "found USB connection" after twisting and turning (dont try this at home) i found out that my extension had a lose ground contact. Always use functional cables or it will not work properly or even damage your System. On this way i got frustrated because i knew it must work because i used the htc vive pro(1) before and so i tried many Things like reinstall steam, vive Software, steam vr and even a clean Windows Installation, wich led to the next problem: i installed my Standard Tools for system overclocking etc. Installed Steam and started a fresh Installation of vive Software and SteamVR, it worked but the relieve lasted not long. SteamVR started and told me to connect my VR-Headset, wich already was so i got confused. I checked evry cable and connection. I looked up evry driver and firmware, nothing worked. I even installed beta builds of vive console and SteamVR none did work. 'Till i started SteamVR via Desktop shortcut, and a steam popup came wich told me "first time Installation, installing vc redist, DirectX and .net framework etc. Concludes: after a fresh Installation of your htc device and SteamVR close all Windows and run SteamVR via Steam Launcher, otherwise it wont install neccesery tools wich are NEEDED to run your vr System. Or install it manually. But finally it works fine and can perform greatly under a 3080Ti even on Ultra settings (highest ressolution, 150% and 120hz) but the eye distance is slightly too small. Have 72mm and the vive pro 2 can provide only 70,5mm tl:dr Dont use cable longer than 3m or use active extensions (USB 3.0 and/or DP1.4 compatible) Dont use standards older than USB 3.0/DP 1.4 Always check cable condition (buy New if much too wrinkly or visibly damaged or folded) Check if drivers are installed and loaded (my recommendation: UsbTreeView) Check if ALL NECCESARY Programms, frameworks, tools, firmwares and drivers are installed. I hope i Was of help for you, and sory for the bad grammar
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