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  1. The bundled cable I got for with my Vive Cosmos Elite headset was 5 meters. I am trying to play in one room, using a computer from another room, and so I need an extra ~3 metres of cable in order to achieve this. Is there any way to extend the bundled headset cable, or is possible to purchase a longer headset cable? Note, this is not a normal HDMI or DisplayPort cable, but seems to be a proprietary Vive cable. I have found the 20 meter extension package (https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/extension-package-20m/), but this seems to be spesific to the Vive Pro, and not eligible for the Vive Cosmos Elite. I have tried various searches to find something to match my requirements, but have failed to find anything relevant. Does anyone have any tips?
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